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Greatest Secrets Campaign Setting

The Greatest Secrets is the title of an overarching storyline set in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting. The players usually play the role of characters integral to the happenings of the world and often contribute to the "big picture." Information about the campaign setting (locations, characters, etc.) can be found in this wiki.

The campaign setting is generally classical fantasy, a la Tolkien's Arda and similar to the official Dragonlance setting. However, the story involves more than the immediate locations, and may include sci-fi elements.


The campaign setting takes place on the planet Borendil. There are many nations that make up the political landscape:


There are many influential people in the world of Borendil. Many of these individuals are central to the different story arcs and most are encountered by the characters at one point or the other. Some more prominant figures are listed here:

Many characters are intentionally enigmatic and are not as famous as those listed. If you're a player in my campaign, beware of spoilers if you choose to look through character pages.

Setting and Demographs

The campaign takes place in a time when the Elves, a race of magically and technologically superior beings, have long since gone extinct due to mysterious circumstances. Humans appeared not long after and, along with the other classical D&D races, compose the racial makeup of the setting. Unlike many D&D settings, the races are not preferably solitary, and most countries are desegregated.

Humans are the prominant race and make up most of the leadership roles in the setting. Halflings are generally regarded the same as Humans, though shorter. Gnomes are a mischevious race who enjoy tinkering with things. Half-Orcs almost exclusively live in the Tribedom of Mugrab, due to the fact that most other civilized nations shun the race. Dwarves mingle with Human society, though seperate dwarven colonies exist in certain places. The setting introduces a race not in the Player's Handbook named the Istarians, dark-skinned Humans from Istar, part of the Island Nations Federation.

Due to the extinction of the Elves, magic is not as prevelant as it was before. The campaign still uses magic, though some of the more "broken" spells are restricted from general magic use.

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