Green Shroud (green:ShrouD) is a 3-part tale set in an alternate futuristic universe inhabited by humans gifted with controlling the different elements: Holy (Divination), Nature(Druidism), Wind(Aeromancy), Cosmic(Wizardry), Shadow(Sorcery), Fire(Pyromancy), Water(Purification), and Void(Alchemy). The story is told from the perspective of the protagonist Brenn Sidhal, in 3rd person. The name green:ShrouD is derrived from two reccuring motifs in the series, the color green (Brenn's eyes and hair, etc.) and hidden or veiled ideals, emotions, and motives. the series is in three parts; green:ShrouD REVELATION begins with an introduction of primary characters and tells the story of the Holy-weilding Ethralians enlisting an unwilling Brenn into their fight against the seemingly evil Leoclean society. The next installment, green:ShrouD CRIMSON~VEIL tells of Brenn and his comrades stories as Knights of the Eternal Sunrise, the branch of the Federation of Thassilia's military that encompasses magic-users. During this installment, Brenn attempts to discover the motives of the Neo-Loknarri, while maintaining his position as Knight-Captain and dealing with the Tzranians, the people enslaving the Druidic planet of Hadeas. The final part, green:ShrouD CLARITY picks up after the Loknarri invasion and reveals the significance of past events and foreshadowing. It deals with Brenn's ascendance into manhood as he and his few allies make the last stand for humanity against the impossible: manifestations of their own transgressions.

Principal Characters


Brenn Sidhal, Chullain Lenihan, Karey Lenihan, Thael'Dannain, Lord Sidh, Clannad Sidhal

Church of Ethralia

Alesia Evermoore, Lucas Strom, Paul Solace, Reginald Evermoore, Faye "Lightbringer" Sanset, Sir William Stathert-Hanz Clogal, Ethral of the Golden Flame, Vandall Warrington

Leoclean Empire

Yurimaru Blackblade, Sataru, Shadowlord Yagami, Shadowlord Shun, Shadowlord Taru, Shadowlord Tharvin, Keisuke, Sanshiro Deathweaver, Tomonori Redsteel


Lin Bai En, Luo An, Shinta Keyan, Itsumi Brightshadow, Mortimer Gol


Ryo Taketsu, Nosuke Hira, General Maya Falton


Ebisa Maeville, Seth Maeville


Mahalou Mohji, Mikilae Mohji, Hota Mohji, Kalole Hakia, Otombi Ranku, Tarkik Ranku, Wintu Piyata


Maximilian Exo, King Tilon the Second, Lucian Exo, Prince Nebulus, Governer Zanhas, Harrison Sylander

Ethereal Realm/ Spiritual Plain

Basatan, The Voice of Reclamation, Lady of the Wood

Unknown Origin

Grewal Caelith, Mallax Boule, Sato Olon


Morning Star (Caicilion), Aphrey, Rippe, Myda, Keyn, Sodorra, Tarquin, Sadui

Death Watchers

Geist, Phantom (Hota Mohji), Spirit ("Lupine"), Haunting


Forest Guardians (Hadeas), Hunters League (Hadeas), Leoclean Empire, Church of Ethralia, Federation of Thassilia, Knights of the Eternal Sunrise, Neo-Loknarri, Ethereal Realm, Spiritual Plain, Loknarri, Atha'Ra, Tzranian Empire, Final Blade, Hadean League, Death Watcher, Wolfsworn Union

Major Planets

Hadeas, Ramus, Ethralia Prime, Thassilia, Leocles, Haltherizad, Atha'bil, Tzrania, Sethen'tal

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