If I was Imp, and Iggy couldn't ban him this would be gone. POOF! - Cralashankas

Cult: n. A group of people showing an irrational devotion to an object.

Our item of Devotion is Cabbage in all it's green and leafiness. We are the Order of Cabbage and we pick cabbage day and night, and this is our Green Book of Knowledge. Enjoy!

Foreword: By Blipo

The Green Book of Knowledge (or GBoK) is the Order of Cabbage Bible. It contains all the knowledge (or at least, most) that the Order of Cabbage has gathered over the years. For those who may not understand us, we play the game called RuneScape. We don't focus on things like raising stats, or gaining money. What we focus on is fun. Cabbage is our medium, through which we enjoy an incredible experience of friendship, rivalry, community, and Green. Please, respect our book. Don't mess it up, or anything foolish. Be nice! : )

Chapter One: Cabbage, A Cult

The OoC: Beginnings

Blackbane started his Runescape career by searching out Free java games. He found Runescape and played it off and on about 4 years ago. He was never satisfied with playing a game normally, so after leveling his woodcutting to 46 (which pleased him to be doing such a pointless skill), he began a cooking clan called: "THE COOKS UNITE!" It had roughly 9 members, and people came from all over to party with the cooks. Fires were lit all over the place, beer and food given away. It was all in good fun.

There was something just not completely satisfying about TCU, but the chef-hat-wearing crazy people set a standard for looking odd that would carry on in later years.

Flash forward. Bane stops playing runescape for several months at a time (and misses out on EVERY holiday drop) and began playing again when his friend Koop_32 began to play (and who later became his roomate in real life). Bane tried several money making schemes, including building a network of limpwurt collectors, that he sold for 2-500% mark up to members buyers.

But then he thought: "WHAT IS THE POINT?. . . WHY DO I DO THIS?"

His limpwurt collecting was done on the Hobgoblin Peninsula... And when he needed healing, he went to.... the nearby cabbage patch.

Blackbane had been collecting limpwurts for so long... And he had an epiphany one day. "What is the difference between clicking on rocks, killing hobgoblins, cutting trees..... or picking cabbage?"

And so he put down his sword. He took off his armour, and donned his old favourite outfit: A dark priest gown, and began dilegently picking away to his hearts content. Conversing with some people, he began picking the monestary cabbage, and banking in the Edgeville bank, where he was spotted by 'someone' who was burying bones.

This opened up Blackbane to start vocalizing his new found love of picking cabbage, and the two friends amused each other in their goals. One would bury thousands of bones, the other would pick cabbage.... but to what end?

Enter in TWI. He suggests that Blackbane go back to Tip.It and TWI (who is/was a mod there) lets everyone know that there is some crazy dude picking cabbage. The first thousand goes by... then ten thousand.... His mind slowly tumbles into a leafy spiral, as his posts on Tip.It become crazier and spammier. Juggling three topics, always on the first page, all devoted to cabbage, the main thing that kept people interested was: No one could bring him down. He devoted his RuneScape life to cabbage at level 62, and he has been that level ever since.

So where does the OoC fit in?

One person from the early days picked late into the night with Bane. He donated in 3k increments. People had been stopping by the patch at Draynor (the new location on world 17, the Canadian server of which Bane is closest to) and had been asking when they would start a clan.

'A clan'

What a boring idea! So the two mused togeather and came up with a concept:

'A cult'

At first, it was jokingly put. But then the idea made more sense.

"What if we made a group, dedicated to the cabbage, and all the joy that cabbage brings? I mean... Cabbage is the coolest thing in RuneScape..."

But the two did their work in secret, for a cult must be mysterious. So upon converting people to love the cabbage, JFP221 (of cabbage picking renown) and Blackbane found people who wanted to "start a cult". And the most enthusiastic of the bunch who wanted to "start a cult" were let in a magical secret:

There already was one. Welcome to the Order of Cabbage!

And the OoC was born.

August 17th, 2004 - Forums and website created by Blackbane and AirDragon.

August 19th, 2004 - Members start pouring in

Joining the OoC

Welcome brother (or sister), to the Order of Cabbage! Your journey to become a member of our order shall be long, but certainly prosperous!

Why Become a Member?

Before wanting to join the mysterious and crazy Order of Cabbage, you must ask yourself this question: Am I in this for fame? For status? Am I looking to be the coolest person in RuneScape? If yes, then my friend you are trying to get in for the wrong reasons. The Order of Cabbage is a community of friends, who all happen to think that cabbage is the most entertaining object in RuneScape. Those that are accepted into the order are those that best reflect the ideals and goals of The OoC.

Ideals and Goals of the Order of Cabbage


  • Picking cabbage is strangely addictive.
  • Runescape is not about stats, it's about having fun.
  • Onions, Potatoes, and Draynor Manor cabbages are evil.


  • To have the largest ever stash of cabbage.
  • To help new players enjoy their experiance in the game.
  • To teach others the joys of cabbage.
  • To make RuneScape a FUN and SOCIAL place, and to meet new friends.

So, picking cabbage alone is not enough to make you a member, though it certainly will help! You do not apply to become a member, we induct you when you are ready. Besides, if getting into the OoC is considered 'work', then maybe it is not the cult for you!

So enjoy your experience as a newfound cabbage lover, and we shall enjoy this game together!

- Bane -

The Cabbage Uniform

The History Behind It

The cabbage uniform's history goes back several years, to when I had begun a little clan called "The Cooks Unite!". The uniform for that consisted of an apron, black shirt/pants and.... a Chef Hat.

It was the chef hat that was most interesting. It stood out in the crowd. It was something different. A clan about having fun with food.

Fast forward several years. Add some dark priest clothes, a red ammy, and VOILA. The uniform.

Some people wonder why I chose red as the uniform, and not green. The reason: Red is Green's compliment. Those that take art know what I mean. And we in the OoC compliment cabbage.

So Why Wear the Uniform?

First of all, The OoC is about standing out in the crowd. When just five of us walk around togeather, we get the oddest comments, and everyone turns to look. Without the uniform, we just look like a bunch of random people.

Second, it increases visual recognition. People come up to me all the time and ask about the OoC... and how do they know I'm in the OoC? BECAUSE I'M WEARING THE UNIFORM!

Third, and most important: we believe in equality. Blackbane may be the leader, but he isn't above anyone. He may have more responsibility, and have more say in how things are run, but that does not put him above anyone else. He doesn't wear party hats, or carry a fancy staff to show that he is the leader. He shows leadership by his actions.

So, to give people a bigger weirding out, increasing people associating the chef hat and dark robes with the OoC, and most importantly, to signify that we are all EQUALS and no one is above anyone, please; wear your uniform with pride!

The Cabbage Uniform Is:


The OoC Uniform

  • Chef's hat
  • Ruby amulet or Amulet of strength
  • Staff of fire
  • Priest gown (shade robes acceptable, Dark Wizard robes are not)
  • Red gloves are optional, but recommended.
  • Leather boots

A note: brown gloves are acceptable, but the bright white/yellow ones are not. Again, the point is to have a 'uniform' look.

How to Deal With Annoyances

What to do in the following situations:

  • A person walks up and says, "lol rofl you noobs! why are you picking cabbage?"
    • Do: Respond with, "My mom says we're cool."
    • Don't: Unnecessarily flame.
  • A fellow cabbage picker accidently picks in the row you are picking in.
    • Do: Give a friendly reminder that you are picking in that row and ask them nicely if they could pick in a different row.
    • Don't: Say, "OMFG you noob! This is my row! Go **** off!"
  • An imposter appears in the patch, claiming he or she is an OoC leader.
    • Do: Ignore them.
    • Don't: Flame them. The reason a person trys to claim he or she is an official is to get attention.
  • Someone shows up at the patch asking what are you doing.
    • Do: Tell him or her about the OoC and explain the way of the cabbage, or
    • Do: Say, "That, my friend, is the question to our existance!"
    • Dont: Say, "standing around doin stuff, go away noob"

OoC's stance on rival cults

For as long as the OoC has picked cabbage, there have been people attempting to create "rival" or "copycat" cults/clans. "Order of Onion", "Order of Potato", "Order of Wheat" and once even an "Order of Chicken".

Our stance has always been to let them be. We pick cabbage for fun, not to compete (unless it's a picking competition). It is not in the way of the cabbage to flame them and put them down. They have every right to form their own cult and collect large amounts of whichever item. These types of copycats generally fall apart within their first few days and end up joining our cause or go back to their normal RuneScaping.

Do Not:

  • Flame them
  • Spam their topics, be it on our boards, Tip.It, or anywhere else. They will be dealt with if needed.
  • Mention them. They will die out eventually.


  • Encourage them.
  • Invite them to pick cabbage with us.
  • Ignore them and their posts. They want to gain attention.

The Rise of the Enemy; The Legend of the Stew Uprising

This short piece will give you insight on one of the OoC's first confrontations with the evil potato power.

Back in the early days of the OoC, the state of the public's opinion of the Order of Cabbage was Topsy Turvey. Some days we were the coolest thing since pet rocks, some days we were a scourge that needed to be eliminated. The concept of the 'rival cult' was becomming almost as popular as us! The waves were many, but all were merely ripples that faded out of sight into the distance.

But out of this carnage came a portion of the cult's history that was, as some would say 'dark', and some would say 'hard', but the most accurate description would of is 'interesting'.

For the evil power that lies within the potatos spawned from their vile soil a messenger with a deceptive plan, a plan that would take the few members of the one true cult on a journey of unity, courage, and strength. Some would say that history is written by the victors.... and in this case it seemingly has. But what we should also realize that this story was not a battle that could be fought with weapons. This was a battle won not by strength in arms, but strength in the core values that represent the two sides, with the most pure of sides to be the victor. So now I give you the written account of:

The Stew Uprising

The coming of the Dark Messenger was silent. He came like all the others, proposing a similar quest or goal. The difference, and what made a threat to the great cabbage patch, was in his work: He put time into his quest. He went about making signatures, plans, placing advertisement.... Some of the young sprouts challenged and scoffed at these attempts, but the leader Blackbane saw something vile underneath the friendly exterior. As unknowing recruits to the new cause, donations and volunteers for the stew quest poured in. The roots of the enemy were beginning to take hold in the land, and the Potato's foot was now in the door.

The Secret War

Now the OoC had among its ranks several stalwart warriors, and maybe a war could have been fought. But Blackbane had many factors to weigh in. People were apparently being deceived into enjoying the act of picking potatos. Yes, it was all good fun to join together for a quest, but the dark messenger was gaining the groundwork for his potato horde, and the OoC felt powerless to stop him. Under the banner of a Stew Quest, the world would not stand for direct confrontation, so a secret war was fought.

It was then that the meddle of the OoC was tested. The strength of the cabbage grew tenfold. The patch was alive, the members showing greater unity than ever seen before. The stew count was rising, but so were the cabbage numbers. The forums, under which communication was the battleground, became live with debates and controversy. Which was the more pure collection to endorse? Support for the two factions was beggining to split the world in half, though no one could speak of this rift. For you see, for one to admit there was a war would send negative waves across the community, and prenent the other side with an advantage.

The Enemy concedes

The RuneScape world is fickle. Both endeavors were begun by one man each. The Cabbage called forth Blackbane, and the Potatos echoed with their Dark Messenger, but in the end, the cabbage gave Blackbane the strength to continue his work, while the stew's veins of energy dwindled. With superior numbers, and a more enjoyable, stress free environment, cabbage returned as the one true awesome thing to do in RuneScape.

Unable to admit defeat, the Dark Messenger claimed that he was hacked, and although he proclaimed he made stew for 'fun', his will to continue forward disappeared. His evilness and deception were revealed, and so ended the stew uprising.

Chapter 2: Cabbage Activities

Cabbage Picking

See main article.

Cabbage Bombing

See main article.

Cabbage Emote Warz

I. Introduction

Sure you've heard about it. Perhaps you vaguely know the rules. Perhaps you don't. All is well, for this guide will make give you complete understanding of the cabbage game know as "Cabbage Emote Warz."

II. The Set-Up

CEW Set-Up

The person with the red circle around him is the leader of the game. Notice how all of the other players are in close proximity to him.

Setting up a game of Cabbage Emote Warz is pretty easy. One person playing is selected as the leader. He or she will the stand on a cabbage. The other players will stand on the cabbages that are relatively close to the leader.

III. The Leader

Once the set up is completed, the leader will begin the game. Generally, he or she will say somethine like "Round 1: Begin!" in order to signify the start of the game. The leader now has two options: ( a ) he or she could pick the cabbage he or she is standing on or (he or she could use an emote to try to get the other players to pick a cabbage. After the leader picks the cabbage, another round is held if deemed necessary (see next section).

IV. The Other Players

The object of the other players is to pick the cabbage right after the leader does. If a player picks a cabbage before the leader does, he or she is eliminated from the game. The first player to pick the cabbage after the leader does wins. All of the other players are eliminated. In the case of a tie (which should happen quite frequently), another round is held between the players who tied. The person who stays in the game the longest wins and becomes the leader for the next game.

V. Variations

The above sections were just an explaination of the basic rules of Cabbage Emote Warz. However, several variations exist that make the game significantly harder. For example, in one variation, if the leader preformed an emote, the first person to copy the emote would win.

VI. Conclusion

Now that you know the rules, all you need is experience. The next time you see seven or more people at the patch, why don't you play? Teach the newcomers the rules and turn the patch into a place bustling with activity!

-Game created by: Blackbane

-Written by: Masuma

Falador Raid


This game is like the game of Hide and Seek. It's best with about five to ten players.

How to begin:

One person is designated to be 'it'. Every player adds the 'it' person to their friends list. That person needs to keep Private Chat on. The "it" person then runs off into Falador.

Playing the Game:

The "it" person must stay inside the Falador walls. He can go right up to the exits, but not outside. He may also not go up stairs or into the mines, or any kind of exit, including world hopping. When the "it" person has his hiding spot, he signals the players who are waiting in the cabbage patch by turning private chat off. The players then rush into Falador trying to find the it person.

Ending the game:

Once seen, the it person may run freely around fallador, hiding in the crowd, or just avoiding players. The players 'tag' him by sending trade offer."it" person signals the game is over by turning private chat on again, and all players return to the cabbage patch. Whoever caught the it may now be 'it'.


Play in different cabbage fields, in different locations. Lumbridge is sometimes fun, and the exception to the stairs rule.

Game created by: Blackbane Written by: Blackbane

Cabbage Battleship

I. Introduction

Yet another mysterious, almost forgotten cabbage game re-emerges from the mist. It is none other than... Cabbage Battleship!

II. The Set-Up


The correct orientation of the minimap

Everyone playing the game should line up on the eastern wall of the cabbage patch. All of the players should be sure to rotate their minimap so that south is facing directly upwards. This is crucial if you want to get the coordinates right.

III. The Coordinate Plane: Cabbage Style!


Pretty self explanitory.

IV. The Leader

The Leader will be the only person who is not lined up against the wall. When the game begins, he or she will call out the coordinates of a cabbage. Remember that the coordinates should be given out in (column, row) form.

V. The Other Players

As soon as the leader calls out the coordinates of a cabbage, the rest of the players will rush to pick it. The first person to pick the correct cabbage gains a point. Afterwards, all of the players (except for the leader) will line up, once again, on the eastern wall. The Leader will then call out the coordinates of another cabbage and the whole process repeats.

VI. Ending the Game

The game ends whenever a player reaches a certain amount of points specified at the beginning or whenever everyone feels like stopping. If the game is ended by the latter, then the person with the most amount of points wins.

VII. Conclusion

Now you can stop asking Masuma how to play Cabbage Battleship.

Chapter 3: Cabbage Lists

Order of Cabbage Members

Full list can be found here


  • Allie Sol
  • Blackbane
  • Mistymaple
  • Sunmann99


  • B1ood Ange1
  • Dragonah
  • Hmguy23
  • Peter Selie
  • Pokstair
  • Tmottbg


  • Adeluz
  • Arthistis
  • Ashmad
  • Athelas09
  • Bigsword33
  • Blueish5
  • Burningcow
  • Cathal3
  • Fireskul300
  • Futtori
  • Ganon402
  • Hotgirl1
  • Jaym112
  • Jman315933
  • Masterben92
  • Matoro 2 0
  • Mix Master
  • Ms2ger
  • Noodle
  • Rienkrules
  • Rsd95
  • Rustyonion
  • Stevester77
  • Terriblesage
  • Thing1116
  • Tim 543
  • Tyler K 69 (non pkiller)

Past Members

  • 17ragongirl
  • Aerolyn
  • Addylad
  • Apocalipze X (Crzn)
  • Barihawk
  • Battypenguin
  • Bestsob
  • Blahookala
  • Blue to Die
  • Bilbobaggin3
  • Blipo
  • Booduz69
  • Boot Of Doom
  • Carlos74
  • Chaosvuistje
  • Chillout Dog
  • Crazy Mace
  • Cs1991
  • De Jean
  • Don Creature
  • Dont Panik
  • Dutty4u
  • Edukator
  • Freeski23 (Freesy)
  • Feiht
  • Flamestrike
  • Gk8coe
  • Howie101
  • Hunt315
  • Iloverange10
  • Ionzeal
  • Iron Gorrilla
  • Jelleh
  • Jinkiro
  • Kane307
  • Kyy
  • Liem101
  • Lionheart164 (Lion)
  • Masuma
  • Misterxman
  • Moinen
  • Monkey9909
  • Mormonguyjk
  • Moron8275
  • Mr Mister M
  • Mummi (Paisua)
  • Nathando64
  • Orochai
  • Pincushon
  • Purplemess
  • Scarlet Elv
  • Shadowherox5
  • Sk84life5531
  • Sledgehammar
  • Starbug0
  • Superpiff0
  • Teh Soldier
  • Thewinx
  • Trojandude
  • Trojann2
  • WoaD
  • Zeekyhbomb

Chapter 4: Syncronized Picking

Synchronized Cabbage Picking

I. Introduction


Learning to Sync.

The basic element of pick patterns is, you guessed it, synchronized cabbage picking! Not a particular hard technique, synchronized picking should be able to be easily mastered by anyone.

II. The Set Up

Synchronized picking requires at least two people. Prefably one person should be experienced pick patterenist. In the following diagram, the experienced pick patternist/synchronized picker will be represented by the letter "a." The learner will be represented by the letter "b."

The two pickers will then pick cabbages according to the diagram.

III. The Trigger

Basic Sync

Both players synch-pick down the purple line.

Picker "a" will pick his or her beginning cabbage first. Then picker "b" will then pick his or her cabbage. When picker "b" bends down to pick his or her cabbage, picker "a" will then click on his or her second cabbage. The two pickers will the continue with the pattern non-stop. If these steps are done correctly, the two people should pick in unision.

IV. Resynchronizing if One Becomes Unsynchronized

If one picker lags or does not pick a cabbage non-stop, the other picker will have to wait for the "lagger" to catch up. When the unsynced person picks the cabbage that is parallel to person who is waiting, the person who is waiting will pick the next cabbage. This will hopefully resynchronize the pickers.

V. Video Recording

A perfectly executed Sync'd Cabbage Picking

VI. Conclusion

It is much easier to learn this technique in game, from an experienced pick patternist, than reading this guide. Do not fret if you don't sync pick perfectly on your first time. Perservere and remember, practice makes perfect.

The Two Person Weave

Two Person Weave

Person "a" is red, person "b" is blue.

This was one of the first cabbage patterns made. It is the epitome of all the patterns as it is easy to learn, beautiful to watch, and the most widely known pattern. A good pattern to begin with.

To begin, follow normal pattern procedures. Starting at the bottom, one person each starts on a different coloured end, and picks in syncronization till they reach the arrow, in which they do the pattern a second time to give them 28 cabbages.

A perfectly executed Two Person Weave



The Drainpipe.

To begin, follow normal pattern procedures. Starting at the bottom, one person each starts on a different coloured end, and picks in syncronization untill they reach the top. They both follow the purple arrow back to the bottom.

The key to drainpipe is not to wait up for your partner. The majority of the time, one person will be slightly ahead of the other due to the different distances of the cabbages that will be picked. However, assuming no one slacks, the two partners should meet each other at the top at the exact same time.

A perfectly executed Drainpipe


How to defend the Patch from Invasion, Emergency protocol

The cabbage patch is a usually peaceful place, but at times, there will be a need for action to be taken.

The small potato faction that rose today (July 28th, 2006) was well organized, but poorly run. They taught us that even a cult such as ours needs to be on its guard.

How to Deal With Bombing: Alpha Defence

So is the patch being bombed with potatos? Wheat? Santa Hats? (In the case of Santa Hats, just take them and run. Seriously. And then give them to Ms2ger.)

The Alpha Defence is simple enough.

Step 1: If a bombing is suspected, the first thing to do is to pick some cabbage, and start dropping it in between cabbages. Preferably, don't pick cabbages, but simply drop the ones you may have.

Step 2: Pick any poorly dropped items and promptly eat them, banishing them from the patch, as well as RuneScape, forever.

Step 3: Let the cabbage respawn and take victory over your defence; as the cabbage grows back, along with its dropped brethern, you will see the pitiful bomb lay in ruin.

Step 4: Celebratory cabbage picking run.

How to Defend Against Fire Attacks

This is more a mind tactic.

What many people don't know is, that fire and ash is used in rainforests everywhere to help keep it healthy. Out with the old, in with the new. Ash is a very good fertilizer.

Comments on how nice the cabbage patch is looking, and remarks like: "Ahh nice, our fertilizer crew is here"

"Oh look, the cabbages are looking better already! Thanks _________" (person's name)

General Tips:

Most people are looking for attention by attacking us. What is there to hate about OoC? Nothing really. We are a cult dedicated to helping RuneScape be a better place, and are open to anyone and everyone that meets the requirements, which are not based on age, religion, gender or things like that. So simply ignoring the attackers is usually a good solution.

Dedicated recruits, acolytes, overseers and elders alike can do, is also find the ring leader. After inevitably failing, there is usually someone who is at the heart of the attack. The one empassioned enough to deem an attack worth their time.

Wouldn't someone able to lead and organize an attack and stir people to action be a good candidate for the OoC? Many of our members have been haters of the cabbage at first, but upon seeing the strength and unity of our cult, they quickly turncoat to our side. To properly convert someone, you have to remember that no matter how badly they may treat us, we as the OoC treat everyone fairly. Encourage them to try picking cabbage. Question them on how much fun it is picking all those other boring vegetables.

Basically, everyone deep inside wants to be in the OoC. Once you know that fact, recruiting becomes easier.

Hope these tips help.

Cabbage Mythology

See main article.

About Cabbage

History of Cabbage

COMPLETE Nutritional Guide to cabbage

Some Quick Facts

Cabbage cures Cancer?

wikipedia's entry for cabbage

Uncyclopedia's version

Cabbage Converter

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