Green Guide

                                   Recipe guide   
                                               Quesadillas (courtesy of Andrew Magill): on "wrap" days, rather than "pita" days, get a wrap from the well, erhhh, wrap section with only cheese (you can go with only yellow, only white, or wild out and get both). Next, bring over the wrap and cheese to the panini grill, and grill. You've got yourself an authentic quesadilla... sort of. 
                                              Peanut-Butter-and-Jelly-Ella-style (people are not eating enough P-n-J sandwiches these days) : Get 2 pieces of the really flimsy/squishy whole wheat bread from the sandwich section. Slap some peanut butter on one piece from the waffle section, then some jam on the other piece from the bread/butter section. Now, get a banana, slice it, and put it on the sandwich. Most importantly, fill up a tall glass of milk, (any percentage fat will do), sit down, cut that sandwich in half so your first bite is full of the squishy insides and wash it down with milk.
                                             Yogurt Sandwich - I invented this while living in Boston. Take 2 slices of white bread, and smear vanilla Yogurt on both, mashing the two together as you would any sandwich. Then seal the sandwich in a airtight Ziploc bag, leaving it in a warmish place for a few hours (for me, it was in my messenger bag in the dead of summer. The yogurt will soak into the bread, creating a tasty, nutritious treat!

                                   Getting swiped etiquette        
                                   Taking things out 

Dumpster diving – Dumpster diving is not only a great way to get free stuff, it is also a whole lot of fun. You wouldn’t believe the amount of stuff that gets tossed. My friends and I have found golf clubs, skis, travel books, fresh bagels, and many other things. Unfortunately, it’s illegal, so you can get in trouble if you are caught by police, but usually they don’t bother to do anything other than tell you to go away. Trash, as it turns out, is private property, and therefore must be protected. Although the exact logic of why it is illegal eludes me, it is, so be careful.

                                   Dumpsters near campus – During the semester on campus, there are relatively few opportunities to get good stuff.  (However at the end of the semester/school year, you can find INCREDIBLE stuff, see below) But within a short walk or drive, you can find many interesting things. 

First, a few rules:

  • Never dive a restaurant unless it is a bakery (it’s just plain nasty)
  • Places that you’d think have really awesome stuff (Home Depot, Best Buy, Lowes and many other department stores) all have trash compacters, not dumpsters. Unless you have a welding device and a urge to get arrested, don’t try trash compacters.
  • Obviously, best to go at night

Great Places Nearby:

Panera (the dumpsters farther back, not right next to the bakery!)

Bruegger’ Bagels

Whole Foods

Bed Bath and Beyond

Play it Again Sports

Borders (or other corporate bookstores)

Thrift Stores

                  End of semester at dorms 
                       Free food listserv 
                       Free food events on Campus 
                       Farmers market 
                       Weaver Street 
                                   Discounts for being a member 
                       Farm tours 
                       Garden coop 
                       Good restaurants around campus       
          Coffee shops - Most coffee shops throw away many of their pastries after a certain hour - usually 5. If a friend of yours works there, inquire as to whether he/she can save them for you. Also, it is often the case that employees are given more free weekly coffee then they could ever possibly consume, Caribou 1/2 lb. a week, Starbucks, 1 lb. Befriend a Barista. 
                       Edible Plants


                       Hitchhiking-Although many people think this to be a dangerous and impossible mode of transportation, it is still a viable way to get from place to place. There are some dangers involved with hitchhiking but if you are smart about it then it is no more dangerous than driving in ANY car is. I have had some experience hitch hiking and have never felt that I was in danger. I have felt exactly the opposite, I have met some of the nicest and most genuine people when hitchhiking. Follow these links to advice and good stories of hitch hikers.

                                    Sample HItchiking sign-your sign is how you communicae who you are to the cars passing by and shows them that you are not dangerous and fun to be around. Here are a couple of fun suggestions ofthings to write to get your point across. here is a foum on advice for good signs

                                                   What if we are angels? 
                                                   Racing to ___________ 
                                                   Se Habla espanol 
                                                   We love (what ever town you are in). But are willing to leave (other side of sign) 
                                                   we are nice 
                                                   Remember when you did this when you were in college? 

                       Ride share programs-If you are without a car and feel uneasy about hitchhiking then this is a great option. You can post that you are in need of a ride or that you want a ride on a rideboard and normally someone will contact you promptly. The key is to post on a couple of different sites. Here are a few ride boards for the Triangle area

                                   Recyclery-The Recyclery is a place in Carrboro where people get together to fix and create bikes. If your bike is broken, you can go there and help them fix other peoples bikes, then they will help you fix your bike. You can also get new parts for your bike, you just have to volunteer your time. They are open 1-5 on Sundays when the weather is nice outside. Here is a link to their website with any info you could need, including directions to get there, 
                                   Bike auction 
                                   Main Street Pedicab.
                                   Where to park and not park 
                       Buses - One of the best deals for inter-city travel along the East Coast are the Chinatown buses. Bus lines such as Fung-Wah run up and down the East coast, at an obscenely inexpensive rate compared to most forms of travel. Granted, there have been some safety concerns in the past, but their safety record is decent, and you really can't beat the price.
   If you're in the Midwest, check out I fell in love with this bus service while living in Scotland. It offers ass-cheap bus routes with very decent reliability. It pays to book in advance; While in Scotland I got a overnight bus from London to Perth, Scotland for 1 pound by booking 40 days ahead of time.

                                   On campus 
                                   Traveling long distances 
                       Freighters and sea travel-flying has a large environmental cost and doesn't give you the real feel of travelling and moving through space. Traveling by Freighter ships is more scenic and is more efficient because you are traveling with goods. They usually cost around 80 dollars a day which is more expensive than flying, but if you treat it as part of the journey, with room and board included for those days, then it is not so bad. Here are some websites to travel on freighters and to find other ships to take you from place to place.   Finding someone who needs help on their boat is nice as well. Search for people who need crew mates on their boat and you might find someone who is looking for someone without any experience. 

Books for classes-My first semester at Chapel Hill I spent 400 dollars on books which I bought at student stores. I have since given up on buying any of my books. Here are a couple of ways to get books for your classes spending little or no money

                       Borrowing books from library-If you look up the books for your class early enough, then they often have them at the library. You can borrow it for the whole semester if you want. There are some text books that are on hold at the UL that are always there and can't be checked out 
                       Reading books at student stores-You can also think of student stores as a library. If you need to read a book you can just take that book off the shelf and sit there and read it. The people there  really don't seem to mind and the books aren't being used anyways. Make sure you are respectful and don't damage the book while you are using it in the store.         
                       Online book shopping 
                       Sharing books with classmates- Find a couple of people in your class and just borrow the books from them. Buying books in groups can be a cost efficient idea as well. Look out for people who have taken the class in previous semesters and ask them if you can use their books if they haven't sold them. 
                       Online resources for books and articles that may be in your course pack-Many articles in course packs can be found on the web. Type in the author and title of the article and you can usually find what you need. 
          EX. Norton's Anthology is ENTIRELY composed of free literature. Anything publshed over a century ago is most likely in the public domain.


                       On campus 
                                   Keeping your dorm room warmer or cooler 
                                   Getting furniture 
                                               Craigs list 
                                               Campus surplus                       
                                               Second hand stores 
                                               free cycle- 
                                   Free food around dorms 
                                   Using fewer appliances 
                       Off campus 
                                   Water saving tips 
                                   Reducing electricity and heating bill 
                                   Good places to live 
                                   Getting furniture 
                                   House vs. apartment 

Fun things for cheap

             MEMORIAL HALL- although most events are not free, the opportunities provided by Memorial Hall are wonderful. Alvin Ailey for $10!!! John Ashcroft, Vietnam's National Ballet, Wynton Marsalis, Kodo Drummers! Please, take advantage. 
                       Drainage exploring -you can enter the realm of the mole men through the drainage pipe behind ehringhaus. Most people are unaware that there is anything to do in those woods except for getting stoned, but you can have hours of fun exploring and popping up at various locations around campus. The pipes lead right into the baseball stadium, into the dugout, and into the football stadium. I would suggest knee pads and a reliable head lamp for this activity. Wearing trashy clothes is also a good idea. 
                       Construction site climbing 
                       Free music 
                                   Practice sessions at Hill Hall-If you are in the area you might as well stop by the auditorium to see if anyone is practicing. You can often find a jazz combo or symphony playing to an empty auditorium. They don't really mind if you sit in and I think sometimes enjoy it. Dancing right outside the door in the parking lot is also a fun option. 
                                   Getting into memorial hall for free- If the 10 dollars to get into a student show is too much for you then you may want to just show up before the show with a sign asking for tickets. People often have extra tickets because someone didn't show up and are glad to give them to someone who would like a ticket. I have tried this method several times and have either gotten free tickets or tickets at a reduced price. Going in at intermission is also an option.  
                       Green spaces- Coming to Chapel Hill from Asheville was hard but as I have spent more time in the commuhnity I have found a plethora of places to go and spend some time outside. 
                                   Battle park- located right across the street from cobb dorm. there are a couple miles of trails to run in 
                                   Botanical gardens-located across 15-501 by Finley golf course. there is  a large system of trails, around 10 miles, and a beautiful garden. There is a visitors center with tons of cool books on plants. 
                                   Arboretum-A nice green space on campus. not very large but has lots of beautiful plants    
                                   Eno river state park-If you have access to a cuar then eno river state park is an option. There are some nice trail but it is right next to the high way and quiet noisy. If you want to go swimming there is an old quarry that is swimmable as long as the ranger doesn't catch you. 
                                   Rock quarries- 
                                   Ghimgoul castle-not really a green space, but a fun place to see nonetheless. A pretty spooky castle on the end of Ghimgoul road which is supposedly the home of a secret society, the order of the ghimgoul.

                       Internationalist bookstore 
                       Free market-A great event that happens the first Saturday of every month at the carrbor town commons. It is a great place to get rid of your clothing that you don't use or any other excess possesions. It is also a fun place to find random kniknacks and get a good free meal.

            `                      Contra- It is really wonderful. Go to Carrboro Century Center and try it with an open mind and appreciate the spinning good time. Directions: wear a long flowy skirt, comfortable shoes, and nothing warm. Do not consume alcohol.

               Academics and UNC 
                       Scholarship opportunities 
                       Environmental organizations 
                                   History of goals of different organizations 
                       Volunteering around community 
           Musical instruments-if you are looking for a a piano to play then you can check the following locations, hanes art center in the lecture classroom, Hillel, Hill Hall, if you can get someone to swipe you in, Cobb,  
           Planetarium-they sometime have public viewing with the giant telescope or have field events at jordan lake to learn about the stars. I have used the telescope and saw Saturn which was one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me. It is hard to get space in the public viewings of the telescope so you should look up people who are teaching astronomy classes and ask if they are taking their students up there any time. A friend of mine had his teacher do one of those viewing and we were the only people to show up so I think they would be more than happy to have other people interested and willing to come 
           Celestial events-meteor showers and other events in the sky are great entertainment. Here is a website that will send you updates on fun things to look at in the sky. Sign up for their updates and you get about one a week

           Drum circle 

Art Gallery-free art gallery off of Frankling street with some great exhibits and night time viewing events with live music every once and a while. Every first Friday of the month, they have free dinner, or what amounts to it. Show up around 6.

Frisbee golf course-This place is fun to go running, play frisbee, look at the stars, and get new frisbees in the pond. Locating by the outdoor education center and the tennis courts

Music library-located in Wilson Library on the boottom level. THey have an extensive collection of cds that you can check out and listen to while you are there.

Recording station-if you are interested in making music or a cd the UL has a good recording studio that you can use for free. Just go down to the MRC in the bottom of the UL and set up a time.

Slice and events calenders-there are so many events on campus and in the community here are a few calendars that are good to keep an eye on

Memorial Hall-

Cats Cradle-

good places to climb

magazines in the UL-

Tree Climbing-

 *the more challenging the better. 
 *wear shoes with narrow toes that you don't mind messing up
 *cameron av. is lined by huge oaks ripe for climbing 


                       Research studies-These are great ways to make a lot of money in a little time, if you don't mind being uncomfortable and having tubes placed in your orfices. I think it is worth it. There are some great studies with the EPA that pay 350 dollars for 3 hours. Along with getting easy money you also get to ask doctors questions about your health and get to have free physicals and medical treatment. Here are a few links to places where you can apply for research studies. If you don't find anything in these links then look through the DTH and the Independent, because they often have adds for research studies.

                       Nude modeling-If you aren't thinking about running for an important political office in the future then this is a viable job alternative. The hours are flexible and the pay is good (15-20 dollars an hour). Another plus of this job is that at the end of the semester you can snag some pictures that people drew of you and hang them around your room or put them under your dinning room table. Nothing says enjoy your meal like a place mat with a drawing of you naked on it. The job can be difficult in holding poses for a long time but it is good mental training to learn how to focus and stay still. The Haynes art center needs several models every semester for their life drawing classes, if they are full then you can contact the carrboro arts center (919) 929-2878. 
                       When and where to apply 
                       Environmental jobs                 

Good stories and miscellaneous advice

                       urban survival kit-In order to properly take advantage of the environment around you I suggest always having these things on hand 

Duck tape




clip board

running shorts

writing utensil and paper

                      good books and movies 
                         1) go. 
                         2) do not be afraid like so many students are. You can walk: it is about a 15 minute leisurely walk west down Franklin St. Enjoy. Or you could take a bus from Caribou Coffee on Franklin St., either the J, F, or CW, and take it west down Franklin, get off at Weaver St. or wherever you want. Bike the bike path starting at the Carolina Inn, (ask an upperclassmen if you don't know where.) 
                         3) just walk around and explore with a friend or by yourself. it's just a small town with a few shops, eateries, and a really nice supermarket. But the community is vivacious and creative and should be appreciated. 
                      Sanitation- wash your hands as little as possible 
                        1) builds your immunity 
                        2) in public bathrooms, it makes people look twice and maybe, just maybe, think about why they just rinse their hands because it is a social norm, and not because their hands have poo on them or that urine is actually sterile (which is true) 
                        3) if you do have poo on your hands, wash them with soap 
                        4) Remember: Clear or white, shit's alright, but if it's brown, flush it down.

                      bodily cleansing methods-living in our toxic environment it is important to clean yourself out every once and a while. Here are a few methods that  I use every so often to get the gunk out of my body. 

Lemon Cleanse

liver and kidney flush

                     Lost and founds-you can find lots of cool stuff in the lost and found boxes around campus. Every building has one somewhere and most likely it is left unguarded normally near the office. You can easily find an umbrella, jacket, or waterbottle. Be carefull to monitor the boxes to see that the item stays there for a little while and that you are not taking something that someone will find. If you want something specific I suggest the following scheme, the lost and found for the whole campus is in the annexed building of the union on the second floor. You can go there and request something that they will probably have, like a nalgene or a watch or you can get two people to go together and one person goes in asking for the desired item in a very ambiguous fashion, "I am looking for a dark colored sweater". The person at the desk may have a sweater like that that you can take or she might say, "we have a blue sweater or a black sweater are any of those yours?". you can say yes and take one of them or you can relay that information to your buddy who can then go in and request the said sweater.  
                     Money in the Thesises-I have not tried this but I hear that some people place 20 dollar bills in their thesis in Davis library to see if anyone reads them. The thought is that if someone reads it then the money will be gone. You can try and go there and open up a lot of thesiss and might find some money, in which case you make someone feel good that someone read their hard work. 

Oh right, your academics, or they like to say "Education"

Classes- take Gangi's Enst 201 "Environment and Society" and Reeve's "Making Sense of Ourselves"

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