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My guess is that in this conservative leaning military-centric region it is critical to frame Green as anything but liberalism. If Green looks like Birkenstock-wearing-tree-hugging-granola-eating-butterfly-protection that requires any sacrifice it won’t sell. Though Green is good for the commons, good for the environment, and good for social equity, it will need to be honestly presented as good for the individual, good for business, and good for national security, if it is to play well in this region.




A communication campaign that would go hand in glove with the approaches described above would emphasize how the Green Spec Packages and Green Brigade demonstrate that San Diego is doing it’s part to make the nation stronger, less dependent on foreign oil, and creating jobs in a growing sector. The fact that the Green Spec Packages are saving money for homeowners over the long haul and increasing resiliency against future disaster is good. Going Green makes San Diego a better global citizen by diminishing per capita green house gasses, water use and solid waste. It improves watershed quality, regenerates habitat, and so many other necessities for sustainable success. This attitude may not be as valued in San Diego as in communities like Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, or Vancouver, B.C., but that doesn’t mean Green can’t succeed here. It’s possible to frame Green in a way that San Diegans value it and move toward it. A range of frameworks to draw from follows.


From these frameworks a suite of messages can be crafted to fit the values of San Diego’s citizenry and its business, political, and community leadership.

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