2 new engines arrive on Sodor. Bear quickley made friends with Stephanie when broken down.

  • Bear
  • Thomas
  • Emily
  • Mavis
  • Danni (Don't speak)
  • Boco
  • Gordon (Cameo)
  • Alex
  • Henry
  • Stephanie
  • James (Doesn't speak)
  • Donald and Douglas (Don't speak)
  • Oliver (Cameo)
  • Percy
  • Annie and Clarabel (Cameo)
  • Sir Topham Hatt

Narrator: It was a sunny day on Sodor and the engines are working hard. One day Bear was arranging Gordon's coaches at the big staion and went to the sheds. He saw Thomas, Boco, Emily and Mavis resting. He asked politly to come come in. homas and his frineds weren't pleased to see a diesel like Boco but when they found out that he and Henry were friends, they became more friendly.

Thomas: Do the others play tricks on you?

Bear: Of course. Henry calls me the "Bear."

Narrator: The engines bursted out laughing. Then Sir Topham Hatt arrived in his car.

Sir Topham Hatt: Now, I have bought 2 engines with the work and they'll arrive tomorrow.

Narrator: The engines were excite until tomorrow. The next day at the big station, the engines were waiting for the new engines. They heard shrill and a deep doned whistles, and they saw the new engines in sight.

(The new engines stop in front of Donald and Douglas)

Sir Topham Hatt: (Pointing to the black engine) This is Alex, he was built from the LMS railway, he can pull goods and passenger trains. (Points to the green engine) And this is Stephanie, she is a strong engine as Murdoch and she can do work without a fuss.

Thomas: Hello, I'm Thomas welcome to the railway.

Stephanie: Nice to meet you Thomas, any friend of Sir Topham Hatt is a friend of mine.

Henry: I'm Henry, pleasure to meet you, Alex.

Alex: Same to you Henry.

Sir Topham Hatt: Now, Henry, I want you and Bear to show Stephanie and Alex around the island.

Henry and Bear: Yes, sir.

Narrator: So Henry and Bear were as their word, they showed the new engines around the island. They pulled and pushed good trains easily.

Alex: I like it fine here.

Bear: That's good but watch out for Gordon and James. They sure try some nonsense.

Stephanie: Don't worry, we'll soon settle them.

Narrator: Stephanie has a shrill whistle while Alex has a deep whistle like Donald and Douglas. That night James and Gordon were talking about them.

Gordon: Stephanie sounds like a hawk.

James: Alex sounds like a ship.

Gordon: Tugboat Annie! (Laughs)

Narrator: Stephanie and Alex cruised quietly up, one on each side.

Stephanie: You wouldn't make fun of us now?

Narrator: Gordon and James jumped.

Gordon: (Shuddering) No.

James: Certainly not!

Alex: That's fine, just to remind the both of you, keep it that way.

Narrator: That was the way Gordon and James kept it. the next day, Bear was getting ready for his morning train. He had to take passengers to the other railway where an engine was waiting for him. He had trouble starting that morning.

Bear: (struggling) Come on! Come on!

Narrator: At last he roared out of the shed. It wasn't long until he broke at Tidmotuh station platform. Alex pushed him the the big station. The fat controller was waiting for him when they got there.

Sir Topham Hatt: Well Bear, looks like you broken down again. Stephanie, will pull him to the other railway please?

Stephanie: Yes, sir.

Narrator: So Stephanie was coupled up with Bear in front and set off to the bit station at the other end of the line. They passed Percy along the way.

Percy: Going to the forest eh, Bear?

Narrator: Bear felt embarrased and a yunger engine than her though. He didn't want to speak to her tough

Stephanie: Don't worry, he was joking he didn't really mean it.

Bear: Thanks. (Blushes and looks down)

Stephanie: If the diesels give you trouble, we'll help you.

Bear: Really?

Stephanie: Yeah, some of us escape here like Oliver of course.

Narrator: Bear found a fast and good friend indeed. Soon they went over the viaduct and passed Thomas at the works station pulling Annie and Clarabel.

Thomas: Be careful, there are angry diesels along the way. (Laughs and puffs away)

Bear: Oh, god, I think I'm going to have motorache.

Stephanie: (Chuckles) Don't worry, everything will be fine. The other diesels won't scrap you of course.

Narrator: She was right. They got to the other railway safetly and Bear went to the works to be mended and when he got back. He, Stephanie and Henry became friends. From that moment on, they knew that diesel can be useful and friendly too.


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