The San Diego region is faced with strategic choices after the wildfires of 2003 and 2007 about what and how to rebuild, and how quickly Green building practices can be implemented.

The fires have created an opportunity for us to make a leap forward toward sustainable success. Collaboration plus new policies, practices, and plans will determine whether we take this opportunity to improve the resiliency and sustainability of our region or not.


ICDah Bjerk i storm

by I.C. Dahl, Bjerk i Storm, WikiMedia Commons

This wiki is intended to foster the conversation about how to make the greater San Diego region more Green: economically, socially, and environmentally. In particular, to promote the practical dialogue for using the opportunities presented by the fires to jump-start Green building in the region. Rebuilding, and redevelopment around the region in general, is one element of a broader transformation to more robustness, resilience, responsibility and renewal - sustainable success - across the region.

This site is, for now, hosted as a mini-Wiki. As more editors work with the site it will eventually become its own site without the unrelated content in the margins of the pages. Use the Editing Tutorial to how easy it is to add your ideas to this site.


The ideas that follow focus on how to leverage opportunities resulting from the 2003 and 2007 wildfires. Each concept is offered in terms of a challenge and some possible actions to navigate through it.

Hopefully, these thoughts will spark some insight and action to accelerate transforming San Diego and surrounds into a “Green” region.

Guiding Principles

What will be the guiding principles for defining what sustainability and Green building means in the San Diego region?


What stakeholder groups will need to collaborate in order for this transformation to succeed?

Case Studies

Where else has this transformation succeeded? Where has it failed? What was learned?

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