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Greybeard's Treasure is the ninteenth Episode of The Simpsons ninth season.

It was written by Ned Goldreyer and directed by Kent Butterworth. This was also the final Episode with Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein as the Showrunners (although they came back since the 14th seasons as both Showrunners and Writers).




Barney Gumble: So, you're all descendants of Greybeard, eh?!

Reporter 1: Uh sure.

Reporter 2: Instinct.

Reporter 6: We have Greybeard's Skin all right.

Barney Gumble: Good, cause i'm Barney Gumble, descendant of Sir Archibald Gumble! Who Scuttled the Pirate Greybeard! And i'll Scuttle the Laughs out of you Swabs!

Homer Simpson: What now? Trouble, Trouble, Trouble. I'd like to have just one or three smiling faces for a change. YAAAAHHH!!!

Professor Calculus: Homer! My old Friend!

Homer Simpson: Huh, Professor Calculus? What's that thing?

Captain Haddock: Cuthbert, it's good to see your smiling face again.

Professor Frink: Great Greedy Guts!

Thompson: Shhhhh. Don't say Detectives yet, we've gone under cover. The Bird and Scrammer Brothers have escaped.

Thomson: We've been assigned to keep an eye on things.

Tintin: It looks more like Sir Archibald!

Barney Gumble: Great Worms you're right.

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