You have the power over loss. For each token you lose to the Warp, you may draw one card from the deck.

History: The Griefs have learned how to trade in some of their own lives in exchange For increased power For the survivors. Other races, awed at this power lust and callous disregard For life, are often overcome by the powerful Griefs.

Notes: The recommended experience level for this power is Novice. This is a Resource type power.

Wild1: When you are entitled to consolation, you may take the appropriate number of cards from the winning main player and each of his allies.

Super1: When you use your power, you may draw the cards you are entitled to from any combination of players hands instead of the deck.

Pro: For each group of tokens you lose to the warp take a Flare from the unused Flare deck. You draw cards for those tokens as normal.

Con: Grief may only draw one card for each group of tokens he loses to the Warp.

Displayed 1 powers.

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