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Tall, Hairy Handsome man, looking for mate of same gender.

Not really, but if he was a prison pimp, griffinlancer would be the top of his game. One of the more active members of the site, He could be known as "The whacko" or "That crazy motherf***er", who knows.

How He Found GAJ

Even to this day, he's still kinda clueless as to how he found it, exactly. As far as he knows, he was doing his surf and save ritual (where he finds random, silly, often NSFW sites and saves them to his favorites list) when he came across the Jack Thompson Article. Immediately after reading the article, he was fuming, and needed to vent. Somehow. Then, at the bottom of the links page, he found the link to GAJ. He went in, and created a thread, venting his rage, and swearing allegence to GAJ. He has been a dedicated member ever since. Even though, sometimes he can be led astray like a lamb, he usually finds his place and stays there. For the most part. He's been known to act a bit like a "Dictator" (No pun intended) when it comes to serious issues, speaking his two cents worth before sitting back down and listening to all the other, more wiser members.

Friends: Hell if he knows. He would rather see the rest of GAJ as his team-mates more than friends, but if there are any, he has yet to find them.

Exception: Bloodlust. "She's cool."


Known for: Being oddly entertaining

e-mailing jack with letters confronting him head on, almost risking in being sued by jack

What people have to say about griffinlancer

  • Very entertaining to watch when big news hits. ~Familyghost
  • Pitches in on news stories, pretty good sense of humour, all around good guy. matt44au
  • Very opinionated. that isn't a bad thing ~munkeesgomu

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