The guild icon of the Griffons.

Griffons was founded twice. The second founding, the founders were Verve, Kachlan Zwoerf, Roeland, Calamax, Gremlin Chris and Engelspfeil. Former members have been Stadi Mafalnawen, Der Metzgermeister, Zindra, Lida, Jinixa, Count Boris.

The focus of the Griffons is loyalty and teamwork. The internal structure is democratically based. The home of the Griffons is on the island Cormaya in the state of Edron, where they own the Castle of the White Dragon. It is held by Roeland, one of the leaders of the Griffons. From time to time a big party goes on there.


The Griffons and Anomaly allied and fought a war against some Polish dudes for some reason. The Polish dudes eventually lost, but Calamax still died.

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