Grim is a character in Meowsie.

About Grim

No one know what Grim looks like, because he wears a white sheet with nothing but eye holes cut out, looking like a bedsheet ghost. He is large and obviously a great dane, but that's all that anybody knows. His favourite food is spaghetti and he loves to cook, mainly spaghetti. He is neither good nor evil, he iss neutral but in a battle between good or evil he would probably take the good side, mainly because of the strong influence from the doggies, whom he met in The Doggies and soon became good friends with.

Grim's Reaping

Grim's 'job' is to take souls and he does it regularly.

How does that work?

Grim uses tools -

  • Hourglass
  • List
  • Clickamajig

Grim gets the list, which tells the when, where and who, then he finds that persons Hourglass, which will end when the life is over. He then uses a strange gadget called the clickamajig to take their souls. Once the person has died, the soul is still earthbound and Grim has to help them crossover. If the hourglass is turned, it would technically allow the person to continue living, but Grim is not allowed to do that.

Grim's Hobbies

Aside from Cooking, Grim likes to draw.

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