Grocery Store 101 is a upcoming comic series created and drawn by USAPatriot, creator of the well known AJM STUDIOS Comic and internet powerhouse, AJM STUDIOS.NET. The series made it's debut on June 7th, 2009 in a Mountlake Terrace, Washington Albertsons grocery store. The comic series focuses on fictional grocery store in the fictional northwest town of Greenwood. The series is a big hit with co-workers and readers of the series that is distributed through Albertsons Grocery Stores in Washington State.


A rare early image of Bruce Grocery and Larry with Bruces daughter.

Grocery Store 101 is a comic block within the publication "Brighten Your Day Say AJ." AJ being short for AJM. The publication and block is owned by AJM STUDIOS, and is a fast growing publication outside of the online world of AJM STUDIOS.NET. Grocery Store 101 replaced the previous comic, The Backroom Adventures of 414 which took place in a real grocery store, with real people, but in comic form. This previous series was also created by USAPatriot and owned by AJM STUDIOS.

The series takes place mostly in the fictional town of Greenwood inside Mr. Grocery's Store. Greenwood is located most likely in the northwestern part of the United States.

Grocery Store 101 Characters

The characters of Grocery Store 101 are fun, boring, and overall diverse in nature.

Primary Characters


Bruce Grocery

Bruce Grocery - Store Manager


Larry Homestead

Larry Homestead - Secondary Manager


Moe Hackeysack

Moe Hackeysack - Head Shelf Stocker


Erin Rouse

Erin Rouse - GoTo Employee


Marty Shoeman

Marty Shoeman - Produce


Barry Winslow

Barry Winslow - Shelf Stocker


Paul Benson

Paul Benson - Cashier


Tarin Flaxseed

Tarin Flaxseed - Cashier


Cindy Breakwater

Cindy Breakwater - Cashier


Lauren Olsinger

Lauren Olsinger - Bagger


Trent Goodwin

Trent Goodwin - Bagger

Secondary Characters

Sergeant Richard Williams - Greenwood Police Sergeant

Deputy Ryan Collins - Greenwood Police Officer

Health Inspector Arlen Johnson - Health Inspector

Delton Chuck - Famous piano man and singer

Minor Characters

Lanh Trung - Trung's Store owner

Willy Limburger - Vendor


1. Commercial Stardom

2. How Can I Provide you with Excellent Service?

3. Okay is Okay

4. Beef Cookies

5. The Ballad of Paul Benson

6. Rude People

7. Donuts

8. Wrong Load

9. Spoiled Milk

10. That Looks Painful

11. Delton Chuck's Glorious Introduction!

12. I work at a Grocery Store

13. Sergeants Visit

14. G for Gross

15. Earpiece

16. Adult Fun

17. Change Maker


  1. Official Grocery Store 101 Homepage [[1]]

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