Gromit and the Magic Dogpark Sidewalks is a Wallace and Gromit/Thomas and the Magic Railroad FL parody. It will be made.


  • Gromit as Thomas
  • Wallace as Henry
  • PC Mackintosh as Gordon
  • Roddy St James (from Flushed Away) as James
  • Shaun as Percy
  • Fowler (from Chicken Run) as Toby
  • Fluffles as Lady
  • Preston as Diesel 10
  • Spike as Splatter
  • Whitey as Dodge
  • Casey Jr. as Mr Condutor
  • Tootle as C Junior
  • Tillie as Stacy Jones
  • Jebediah as Burnett Stone
  • Emma as Lily
  • Pufle as Patch
  • Montana as Billy Twofeathers
  • Melissa as Lily's Mom
  • D261 as P.T. Boomer


Gromit and his friends had to run the Dogpark Sidewalks while Roger is away. But then, Preston and his two henchmen, Spike and Whitey are here and Casey Jr. from Shining Time Ghost Station has run out of sparkle. It's up to Gromit to save Fluffles and the Magic Dogpark Sidewalks


  • Preston: Ha ha! Here's the white clay puffball, and who he's with! Wike, come and destory!
  • Whitey: No no, do it yourself!
  • Spike: We don't like you!
  • Whitey: Ya, we mean that!
  • Spike: Excited!
  • Whitey: Ya, what does that mean?
  • Spike: I have no idea.
  • Whitey: Good word.
  • Gromit: Run Fluffles, quickly! And I'm going to help you!
  • Jebediah: So am I Fluffles! I'm not gonna let you down again!
  • Preston: Ah, who needs you Wike?
  • Fluffles: '(Begins running)'
  • Casey Jr.: Watch out for the Viaduct! It's dangerous!
  • Gronit: (Running Along with Fluffles)
  • Preston: Ha ha ha ha!
  • Casey Jr.: Ahhhh!
  • Tootle: What's the matter?
  • Casey Jr.: Fluffles! That dog's name is Fluffles! She's part of the clue to the scource of the...
  • Casey Jr. and Tootle: Gold dust! Ahhhhhhhhhh!
  • Preston: Now I'll get you Jebediah!
  • Jebediah: No you won't because the magic you refuse to belived in well get the better of you!
  • Preston: You can run, but you can't hide! Right Ears? Ha ha ha! Ears's hungry!
  • Gromit: Oh! Get back! (Catching up with Fluffles)
  • Jebediah: Come on Fluffles.
  • Preston: Coming white clay puffball! Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! Look out! Here I come! Duck Ears! Ha ha ha! I have my lunch steam! Ha ha ha! Grrrr! Huh, preety fast for a white clay puffball!
  • Gromit and Fluffles: (Appear on the viaduct)
  • Jebediah: Well Fluffles. This is your Shining Time too.
  • Fluffles: I hope so!
  • Gromit! Come on Fluffles! Little pets can do big things!
  • Fluffles and Gromit: (Made it over the other side)
  • Jebediah: Well done Gromit! Well done!
  • Preston: Wha what's going on! Ah ah ahhhhh! Uh uh. White clay puffball! White clay teapot! Tin Kettin! Oh, oh well, next time for the cruse, uh uh eh.

Opening credits

Dreamworks pictures and Columbia pictures presents a JoesphcCL93 film Peter Fonda Mara Wilson Alec Baldwin as Casey Jr. the Circus Train and Gromit the Dog Gromit and the Magic Dogpark Sidewalks directed by JoesphcCL93

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