• Flint: Hey, kids! Merry Flint here with big news! JimmyandFriends has just released "Groovy Music from the Chipmunks!"
  • (Crowd off-screen cheers)
  • Flint: The ultimate CD with all your favorite hits sung by the Chipmunks! Included with some copies is a little sample DVD, to give you a taste of A Bunny Christmas! Parents, if you're listening, call 1-800-LOCKWOOD. Operators are standing by. And say "I saw the video, because the first 10,000 people to pre-order A Bunny Christmas, will get a 10-dollar discount!" And that's a smart start for first-time E.B. and the Chipmunks viewers! So, look for "A Bunny Christmas" this Spring at a Christian bookstore near you, or for more info, check out our website at! Sunday morning values, Saturday morning fun! We think that's a Big Idea!

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