Robert Pittsley was one of the Founding Members of The Group during it's humble beginnings in the years of 1994 and 1995. His strong odor and penchant for hamfisting things led to him being given the nickname Cho'gall early on.

Rob's contributions to the group included The Art of the Flop, Honor, and an appreciation for petty theft.

The Early Days


The Cho'gall!

In the earliest known incarnations of Rob, he was a spastic little ADD child known for issuing blunt trauma on his own cranium with a baseball bat for fun. Later on, this love of taking DMG led to him taking up boxing as a hobby. It is theorized that Rob would have become the Great White Hope if he had not given up to become a recluse.

It is also worthy to note that his Mother - a chain smoking cleptomaniac - drilled into him a twisted sense of Honor that pervaded every action he's ever taken. Some people even claim that Rob has a personality type akin to Norman Bates which causes him to hallucinate visions of his own Mother at his bedside, and in his mirror.

Rob in Group Politics

Being an important and influential Founding Member of The Group, Rob's pull at the Oblong Table was incredibly strong. He had a stern and tough speaking voice, and would never go unheard. Although his anger often went unresolved, people feared to directly oppose this mighty warrior with the mighty smell. Rob's strength was unmatched, as he had an innate ability to ignore all pain and physically overpower anyone and anything that might have gotten in his way. This caused many of the other group members to respect him greatly.

Rob's greatest achievements in Group Policy were those of the Drug Free Initiative, and the No Girls Allowed policy. Despite having ended up being one of the first group members to get Married, and a raging alcoholic. His stance against feminine influence was legendary, and his stance against substance intake even moreso.

Rob's Downfall

As in all great tragedies, Rob's downfall was laden in alcohol and women. Although he maintained a great amount of integrity through it all, his shame and general reclusiveness took hold of him, and as the years went on he dissapeared into a state of almost complete invisibility.

Nicknames For Rob

Here are a few common Nicknames that Rob has been known by:

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