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Project Deliverables Due date
Project Proposal April 18 - midnight
Draft PowerPoint Presentation Due May 1
Final Presentation May 22 or 29
3 Articles to support your business May 1 (same day draft presentation due
Team Feedback Form June 5

The purpose of this assignment is to practice your leadership style, get to know your
teammates, and apply your knowledge. The act of coming together as a team to
accomplish change or make a difference to benefit the common good (Komives, Lucas,
& McMahon, 1998) is at the heart of leadership.

As leaders, you are to create a product or service that does not currently exist deliver a positive environmental impact 1) local people group 2) santa clara business community 3) a specific non profit organization. Your project or service must have a positive environmental impact.

The following guidelines must be met:

  1. Groups will submit their project proposal form that includes the company name, the idea, and reasons why it was selected.
  2. Design a 15-minute Power Point presentation and turn in a hard copy of the presentation before you begin your presentation. All group presentations must include:
    • How and why the product or service was selected
    • Examination of the company’s mission statement, values and leadership model.
      1. Develop a mission statement
      2. Clarify the values of the company
      3. What leadership organizational structure will be used? Describe and represent as a chart or drawing.
    • Explain how the product or service makes a difference on the selected group/community
      • What is the impact? How will the product create a new or different outcome?
    • Marketing strategies to promote your product or service - Think creatively as well as what are simple ways to promote.
    • Real feedback from others about the product or service (through interviews, surveys, etc.) Create a survey, interview students/community members
    • Determine the start up as well as on-going costs associated with the company. Provide a financial report of these expenditures.
    • Describe the group dynamics of team and process that was taken to complete the project
    • Discussion of new knowledge and experiences gained as a result of the team project, and its connection to your studies or career aspirations.
    • Finally, make a projection of how likely it is to start this business? What would it take. Who would be key players to allow it to happen?
    • Your presentation should incorporate materials from class as well as outside articles or reading that you have done related to your product. You should attach at least 3 articles which support your project/plan.
  3. Deliver a 15 minute “professional” Power Point presentation. All group presentations must address the components mentioned above. You are accountable for making sure your laptops can connect to the projector before your presentation. If you have specific audio video needs, I need to know one week before your presentation date.
    • Involve your audience by asking 2 (open-ended) questions that will allow them to evaluate how your product or service impacts the specified community (i.e., What is the viability that this product or service would make a difference in people’s lives? What can we do differently with our marketing strategies? etc.)
    • We will have guests during the class to evaluate and respond to your presentation. Don't limit your open ended questions to the end of your presentation. Its uncomefortable for your audience to feel forced to answer awkward open ended questions at the end of a presentation.
  4. Complete performance evaluations for each of your team members, providing valuable feedback to me regarding each member’s participation. Evaluations will be confidential. However, students will receive a summary and possible suggestions for further development. I suggest you keep notes on your team experience.
    • Create or utilize an existing form to provide both positive and constructive feedback to your teammates after completing your project.

Evaluation Criteria:

The group presentation will be evaluated based on the organization of your oral presentation, incorporation of the above information in a clear and concise manner, effective and unique use of Power Point®, and engagement of the audience in your presentation.

Team Feedback Completing performance evaluations are a critical part of this assignment. Thus, specific, detailed and well thought-out evaluations are expected. If a team member clearly or consistently ignored their responsibilities as a team member, this will be factored into his/her participation grade.

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