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Stem Cell Transplant/Rescue

  • Terms
Autologous transplants where patients receive their own stem cells.
Allogeneic transplants where patients receive stem cells from their brother, sister, or parent, or unknown matched donor.
Myeloablative Allogeneic Transplant -Patient receives high dose chemotherapy to prepare a disease free environment for 'new' host donated stem cells. Risk of patient developing a host vs graft reaction.
Nonmyeloablative Transplant -Low dose or standard chemotherapy used to prepare patient for stem cells. Takes a longer period of time to graft and also longer to notice a host vs graft reaction.
Mini Transplant is a reduced stem cell treatment with lower doses.
Tandem Transplant is two transplants in a row'
Graft vs Host -a reaction that can develop when a patients body rejects the donated 'new' stem cells.

High Dose Chemotherapy Used for Stem Cell

Comgination: Busulfan, Melphalan and Thiotepa

Combination: Cyclophosphamid, Carboplatin & Thiotepa

Combination: Thiotepa and Carboplatin

Combination: VP-16, Thiotepa, and Cytoxan with Mesna

Combination: Etoposide, Carboplatiunum, and single dose of Melphalan

Combination: Cyclophosphamide, Busulphan along with Phenytoin, Ciprofloxacin, Fluconazole and Clexane. Melphalan.

See: Treatment Options Stem Cell


  • The following is a list of DSRCT patients who have received a Stem Cell transplant or rescue:

DSRCT References



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