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Debulking or Complete Resection

  • TinysunflBender, Michael -Complete resection
  • TinysunflByrd, David - Debulking, removed 80%
  • TinysunflCloer, Rebecca -Debulking, removed 10 lbs
  • TinysunflDeWalle, Mark - Complete resection
  • Luder, Kristen -Complete Resection
  • TinysunflRobertson,Nathan - First debulking, removed 75% Second surgery removed all visible tumor within abdominal cavity.
  • Orgel, Greg - 1. Debulking. 2. Complete Resection
  • TinysunflZucca, David - 2 Surgeries

Cytoreductive Surgery and Intraperitoneal Hyperthermic Chemoperfusion

  • TinysunflParrish, Joshua - Removed most tumors. Left some tumor in the liver.
  • TinysunflRobertson,Nathan - Second surgery. Removed all visible tumors. Debulking surgery with 90 minute Mytomycin C wash. No problems.
  • TinysunflHodges, Marlena - First surgery. Removed all visible tumors. Debulked surgery with 90 minute Doxirubicin wash.
  • TinysunflBishnow, Brian - Removed most of the tumors.

Surgery and Radiation


A. Colostomy

B. Splenectomy -Removal of Spleen

C. Cholecystectomy -Removal of Gallbladder

D. Appendectomy - Removal of appendix

E. Nephrectomy -Removal of Kidney

F. Radical Orchiectomy (testicle and lymph node removal)

G. Punctured and/or Collapsed Lung

H. Hysterectomy -Removal of uterus

DSRCT References



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