Grover is a chracter in Sesame Street. He was originally voiced by Frank Oz and is currently voiced by Eric Jacobson. Oz still voices him occasionally.


  • Grover's Uncle Morris called him Richard.



  1. Grover/Thomas
  2. Grover/TUGS
  3. Grover/The Simpsons
  4. Grover/Theodore Tugboat
  5. Grover/Family Guy
  6. Grover/Dr. Seuss
  7. Grover/Arthur
  8. Grover/The Berenstain Bears
  9. Grover/Dragon Tales
  10. Grover/Thomas and the Magic Railroad
  11. Grover/Calling All Engines
  12. Grover/The Little Engine That Could
  13. Grover/Diesels of Sodor
  14. Grover/Jack and the Pack
  15. Grover/Barney
  16. Grover/Muppets
  17. Grover/Spongebob
  18. Grover/Rugrats
  19. Grover/Mario
  20. Grover/Sonic


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