Grown, But Not Forgotten is a Pokemon Puzzle League: The Series episode.


  • When Wilhelmina (from For Crying Out Loud) is attending a grown up party, Ash, Kevin, Brock, Goku, Misty and Mitchie are worried that she might forgive them.


  • Ash Ketchum
  • Misty
  • Brock
  • Kevin Whitney
  • Mitchie Ohara
  • Goku
  • Wilhelmina


Part 1

  • (We see Ash and the gang playing baseball)
  • Ash: It is i, the pitcher, as i throw the ball to Kevin.
  • Kevin: Just stay focus on me.
  • (Ash throws the ball as it lauches toward Kevin who bats it and sends it flying)
  • Kevin: Score! A home run victory for me!
  • Misty: Kevin's going to win.
  • Psyduck: Psyduck.
  • Misty: You dimwit duck, what are you doing? We're having a ball game.
  • Psyduck: Psy?
  • Misty: (sighs) Never mind.
  • Mitchie: There goes Kevin racing to the home center.
  • (Kevin stops at the center)
  • Kevin: Victory for me!
  • Brock: It looks like Team Kevin has won the match.
  • Pikachu: Pika Pika.
  • Togepi: (squeals delightfully)
  • Goku: Well done, Kevin. You won the game.
  • Kevin: Thanks, Goku.
  • Ash: Wow, Kevin. You are victorious of winning the ball game.
  • Kevin: My pleasure, Ash.
  • Misty: Let's go home and have some rest.
  • Ash: Right.
  • (We see the gang at home)
  • Mitchie: Say Misty, you really know how you cheer for Kevin.
  • Misty: Of course, Mitchie. Still, my nude tights are under my shorts. (laughs nervously)
  • Mitchie: I also got nude tights. They're under my shorts as well.
  • Misty: We never had to be so glad Kevin won the game.
  • Mitchie: Me too. Why don't we practice our feet, Misty?
  • Misty: You got it, Mitchie.
  • Kevin: You see, i'm the winner of the ball game. Didn't you, Ash?
  • Ash: You're right, Kevin. And i'm glad you won.
  • Kevin: Yeah, Ash. A team is a team.
  • Ash: I better start training my Bayleef. You train your Bibarel.
  • Kevin: Okay, Ash.
  • Ash: We'll start training.
  • Goku: Since i'm the striker, i don't need to have three strikes.
  • Brock: Well, as a matter of fact, you didn't get the ball.
  • Goku: (laughs nervously) You're right, Brock. Kevin has won the game easily.
  • Brock: It's a good thing i don't want to be a player but be a referee.
  • Goku: I'll start training my Feraligatr. You train your Crobat.
  • Brock: Got it, Goku.
  • Misty: Okay, we're doing some exercise. With our feet.
  • Mitchie: Oh, those are darn cute! Look at our toes, Misty.
  • Misty: Opaque colored toes. They're the best.
  • Mitchie: You said it.
  • (Misty and Mitchie both laugh)
  • Wilhelmina: Ash, i'm going to talk to you. Huh? Where is he?
  • Goku: He's in his room with Kevin.
  • Wilhelmina:

Part 2

Part 3

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