Name: Gral’alkukh (aka Grukh)
Race: Noghri
Birthplace: Honoghr
Gender: Male
Age: 47
Affiliation: The Sith Empire
Side of the Force: Neutral-Dark
Occupation: Assassin (Formerly)
Chief of Thaxilian Intelligence (Formerly)
Director of the Shadow Legion
Imperial Sith Lord
Sector Lord of Dosha
Force Affinity: 4

Physical Description

Grukh is, by human standards, on the shorter side falling in at only five feet and seven inches tall, though by Noghri standards he is on the taller end. Like all of his species, he has a leathery grey skin and a slim build.

Unlike many higher ranking Sith, Grukh has never been extravagant or dressed in a manner that speaks of his position in the Empire. Preferring simple, comfortable, and looser fitting clothing Grukh looks more like the assassin he once was then the Sith Lord he now is.

Psychological Description

Grukh is a bit strange in many’s opinions, having an odd sense of humor and generally be comparatively animate and lighter than many of his peers. Grukh is friendly and polite to his friends, but can be quite cold and lethal to his enemies. His outward mannerisms throw many off but there is no doubt that Grukh is quite capable of ending a life without compunction.

Grukh is patient and more calculating, a throwback to his assassin days, and enjoys a hunt against a strong enemy, be that enemy a creature or even a sentient being. He does however believe in a strong code of honor that mustn’t be broken, making him considerably more trustworthy than other Sith.

Favored Force Uses

Grukh is not a Force specialist by any means, having always preferred the, in his opinion, superior forms of combat involving stealth and more mundane weapons. However, Grukh is quite adept at the various powers that aid him in these pursuits such as cloak, speed, demoralization, and hide presence. Grukh tends to stay away from the more obvious abilities such as lightning and similar direct damage uses of the Force.


Grukh wields a great plethora of weapons, far more than the average Sith, that he gained experience with as an assassin where a lightsaber is not usually a good weapon of choice. Grukh is adept with most forms of rifles and pistols and is also a practitioner of the ancient Noghri art of knife fighting. He has experience with the sword and lightsaber, though his main advantage comes from his ability to strike from the shadows rather than hold his own directly.


Grukh is a master of the shadows and is able to strike unseen and unheard and disappear before his opponents can find him. The Noghri knows the weak spots of the body and is skilled at making quick, lethal attacks.


In an all out brawl, Grukh has neither the strength not pure combat skill to hold his own against an equal in power, save with more combat experience, nor is his Force ability great enough to allow him to rely entirely on it.

Relevant History

Grukh first came into the wider scheme of things as an apprentice and personal assassin to the former Dark Lord of the Sith, and then Warlord, Zynactus Thaxilius, a Trandoshan. Grukh carried out various services for the Trandoshan during his initial conquest of what later became the core of the Dosha Sector including overseeing operations, removing difficult enemies, and running the Thaxilian Intelligence Division.

Upon Thaxilius’ joining of the Sith Empire, Grukh followed him and continued to serve in the same capacity, though he gained a great deal of influence when the Trandoshan took the Imperial throne, thus becoming the Dark Lord’s apprentice. It was here that he was given a Rakatan battleship, the Exitium, which still serves as his flagship to this day.

After Thaxilius’ death at the hands of Darth Shadow, also known as Halicanyos, Grukh served the Empire in its war against Shadow more directly, commanding the remainder of Thaxilius’ forces. He participated in the assault on Shadow’s fortress above Ziost personally. When Shadow was killed, Grukh was awarded the title of Sith Lord and official control of the Thaxilian forces.

When the Schism occurred within the Empire, Grukh became Lord of the Dosha Sector which included the entirety of the former Thaxilian Empire and maintained his sector capitol on a station above Trandosha.

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