Welcome To GRUNT METRU home of the grunts.

This is my way of makeing a trubute to grunts. The admins are Grunts247, Grunts 2471

Grunts are the small little creatures that you see in halo.The Grunts are very fun to watch if you dont attack them, first they will eathier say random things or hop around. By your Request we can make you a grunt profle Just look at the format and send a message to us on what you want.(Please Be resenable to no dum things please) Example

    1 Name-Jon,Grunt ultra,
    2 Covenant name-Yipyap   (YiP-YAP)
    3 Vehicle-scarab+ghost+phantom,pelican 
    4 Weapon-fuel rod+plasma rifle, 
    5 Equipment-gas tank, resporator, Portable food nipple, data chips, moblie methane suite plasma charger jackel shield,personal shield stealth unit
    6 Ships served on- Truth and Reconcilliation+Silent Truth+Final Destination,
    7 Battles fought in-Halo installation 04
                       installation 05
                       heritic foundry
                        The ARK
    8 Ingeries-bullet wounds to chest arms legs, 
    9 Death-Died by spartan 117, dove in front of grunt Yipep to protect him from a shotgun brust

More Grunt Things are that Grunts are usually 3 feet tall they eat through a food nipple and they have a high reproduction rate. Grunts have bright blue blood witch might be a side effect from meathan. Grunts also Have sensitive nose musles witch allows them to sniff out enemys. Grunts that are aboard large ship they have a sport called hunting stone were a grunt would kill a grub called a scrub grub.the grunts would use a speacal rock that they mark with all there kills.

         {] _                                                                         /--/
        {/]('@                                                     __                /--/
       {//]/&===+               ,#'                             __@##}______________/--/
       {//]##/                                                / ________________{0}___/ 
        {/]#/                                                /0/
          [#]                                               /0/
          (^)                                              {0/

(this is a grunt killing a scrub grub)

if you have any cool pictures of a grunt or you and a grunt send them to us and you may see them by your grunt profile.

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