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On a simple line, The 'Gryphonheart Empire' proposes the creation of a city's lifestyle within the game. We hope to create a location for RP'ers to enjoy themselves as they go about, doing whatever their characters would do in a lively environment filled with player characters, far enough from the frustrating chance of seeing a 'lol' or 'rofl' in /say. For this, the Empire will be divided by a multitude of guilds, each with their place in the hierarchy. They are, to this point:

  • A War Senate guild
  • A Senate guild
  • A Nobility guild
  • An assassins guild
  • A Praetorian Cohort guild
  • 5 Cohort guilds
  • 5 Cult/Religious group guilds
  • A Magisters, Historians, Lorekeepers and Archeologists guild
  • A Merchants guild
  • A Tradesmen guild
  • A Townsfolk guild
  • A Farmers guild

Some of the guilds already have a leader, others are looking for one. If eventually you want to join us and have an idea for a guild of your own, feel free to let us know and we will gladly consider it.

Note how although we are entitled an Empire we have a Senate. This is due to the lore, as from an Empire we evolved into a Republic with the new leadership.

Take a look at the Empire's Lore here.

This will go live on the Alliance side of the next RP-PvP server Blizzard releases. We hope you join our project. It has just begun and the possibilities are immense. All we need are dedicated and patient role-players with team spirit willing to have fun. We have diplomacy, conspiracies, chubby nobles, religious orders and invasions. Now we want you to make it all more interesting. We want to take you on this trip and make all our wishes come true in this game.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have, and please visit our forums here.

I bow humbly and hope for your help. I also hope Blizzard gives us a little push and posts this on their community watch, you can help us with that by clicking the biohazard symbol on the top and requesting that they do so.

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