(AnimatedFan195 Productions logo)

Jack Frost (singing): You can do anything if you try.

Narrator: This summer, AnimatedFan195 Productions introduces you to some new characters you'll love,

(Jamie falls into the ground)

Narrator: in a story that could only happen in the movies. It's about a guardian named Jack Frost. He's got a dream: He's going to Hollywood.

Jack Frost (singing): Hollywood, where the streets are paved with gold. Where the kitties never grow old, in Hollywood.

Narrator: And he's ready to dance his way to the top. So join Jack Frost,

Jack Frost: I guess we're gonna be the only two guardians on the ark, huh?

Narrator: Elsa,

Elsa: So much for preserving the species.

Narrator: Star Butterfly,

Star Butterfly: I hear magical princess are very, very big on Broadway.

Pacifica Northwest: They're big everywhere, darling.

Narrator: Wreck-It Ralph,

Wreck-It Ralph: Hello.

Narrator: and Jamie,

(Jamie bumps into Jack and falls down with his products fallen to the ground)

Jamie: Uh-oh. I'm busted.

Narrator: along with all their incredibly, hilarious and entertaining new friends. And...

Young Vitani (singing): Big and loud.

Narrator: Vitani, lion cub star extraordinare,

Young Vitani: I am an angel!

Narrator: and her faithful assistant, Tai Lung.

Young Vitani: Tai Lung!

Tai Lung: Yes, Vitani?

Narrator: But when Jack doesn't know if she's the only star who could keep all his dreams from coming true.

Young Vitani: I HATE HUMANS!!! Especially that one!

(Tai Lung squirts Jack and he falls to the ground)

Elsa (singing): I got a dream in my heart. Yeah, nothing's gonna stop us now!

Narrator: With music by grammy-award winners Randy Newman and Natalie Cole.

Jack Frost and Elsa (singing): Nothing's gonna stop us, nothing's gonna stop us, nothing's gonna stop us now!

Narrator: Nothing's gonna stop audiences everywhere! Come and join a brand new world of animated fun, excitement and adventure!

Jack Frost: See you in the movies.

Title: Guardians Don't Dance

Narrator: Guardians Don't Dance.

Young Vitani: Leaves you kind speechless, don't it?

Tagline: Coming Soon.

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