Guess Who's Back? is the 2002 sophomore by U.S. rap artist 50 Cent.


Its release was the first in a barrage of albums that helped attribute the dramatic rise of 50 Cent. Some of the cuts are songs from the shelved album Power of the Dollar. The album's cover image was later used in the video for 50 Cent's song "Piggy Bank".

The album was recorded in Canada after 50 cent was "blacklisted" in the recording industry and was unable to find a studio to work with in the US.[1]

Track listing

  1. "Killa Tape (Intro)" -2:58
  2. "Rotten Apple" -3:08
  3. "Skit/Drop" -0:16
  4. "That's What's Up" (featuring Tony Yayo & Lloyd Banks) -4:09
  5. "U Not Like Me" -4:10
  6. "50 Bars" -3:33
  7. "Life's on the Line" (Ja Rule & Murder Inc. diss) -3:38
  8. "Get out the Club" -4:22
  9. "Be a Gentleman" -2:40
  10. "Fuck You" -3:55
  11. "Too Hot" (featuring Nas & Nature) -3:45
  12. "Who U Rep With" (featuring Nas & Bravehearts) -4:21
  13. "Corner Bodega" -1:34
  14. "Ghetto Qua ran" -4:29
  15. "As the World Turns" (featuring Bun B) -4:15
  16. "Whoo Kid (Freestyle)" 1:15
  17. "Stretch Armstrong (Freestyle)" -1:19
  18. "Doo Wop (Freestyle)" -2:25


  • The track "That's What's Up" has been recorded over the Wu-Tang instrumental of the song "Y'All Be Warned" released on Iron Flag.
  • The track "U Not Like Me" was later on his commercial debut album: Get Rich or Die Tryin', as a bonus track, along with "Life's On The Line".
  • The track "Rotten Apple" was later remixed by Lloyd Banks in his album of the same name. Lyrics from Rotten Apple were also borrowed later by 50 Cent for the chorus of his song "Like My Style" from his commercial debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin'.
  • The track "Fuck You" samples numerous songs for the chorus including the outro of Jay-Z's song "Money, Cash, Hoes" which a man says "fuck you, pay me" repeatedly, the "fuck you" bit is sampled for the title.
  • The tracks that are from Power of the Dollar are: "Life's On the Line", "Corner Bodega", "Ghetto Qu'ran" and "As the World Turns."

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