So what’s all this I keep hearing about “Elmo's Sing-a-Long Guessing Game?” People are going on and on about how Sesame Street is good and Barney is bad… or is it the other way around? Are my feet made of purple dinosaurs? I don’t understand. You know what I need? I need somebody to explain the “guessing” movement to me as if I were three years old.

Well, I’m in luck, because there’s a Sesame Street DVD out called Elmo's Sing-A-Long Guessing Game, which is all about guessing, music and crap like that. I couldn’t wait to find out about Elmo's Sing-Along Guessing Game so I drove my Hummer to the video store, left it idling while I ran in to buy the DVD, then drove home and turned on all the lights in the house while I watched it.

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