Guglielmo Gemme
Merlin Colin Morgan-1
Biographical Information
Age 762
Birthdate Unknow
Affiliation None
Physical Description
Gender Male
Species Warlock (Former)
Family Niki Cassulo/Riccardo Bianchi/Alberto M. Marchelli (Maker)
Merlin Colin Morgan
Guglielmo Gemme, previously know as William Gems, is a character from Nikipedia.


The "Dark and Light Curse"

Not much is known of the early years of activity of Wlliam. A long time ago William start to look for a way to become immortal, with a promise to make him walk in the sun, in turn convinced a vampire but his plan was not finished yet. During the ritual William has revealed that, in addition to eternal life, he also wanted the knowledge on how to separate the soul of a vampire and the soul of a human being in order to rid himself of his vampirism when he found another way for the 'immortality.


Guglielmo casting the Curse.

During the ritual Niki was surrounded by a magnificent yellow light, and I start to feel that your body was changing in some way, to the surprise of William the spell was not able to separate the traits of vampires and humans Niki but in return I create two new beings one that embodies the positive aspects of the psyche of Niki and one that represents his dark side. Not knowing how to put things back in place, Guglielmo abandonment to their fate and went their own way.

The final battle


Guglielmo is questioned by the fairies.

Being the "creator" of Albert and Richard, Guglielmo was summoned to the council of the fairies when the fairies began to decide how to stop the fight between these two vampires that has caused millions of deaths throughout history. Being completely contrary to the murder fairies initially asked William, now known as Guglielmo if he could bring them together into a single entity but Guglielmo confess to not being able to do so and that their feud was not his business.

The fairies allowed to Guglielmo to go unharmed, however, before leaving, Guglielmo Albert and Richard proposed to bring in an isolated place or an island and let them kill each other.

Powers and Abilities

Guglielmo possesses the normal powers and weaknesses of a vampire. Being immortal Guglielmo will forever retain the appearance and health of a young man. He has an infinite lifespan and cannot die by natural human causes such as disease or old age.

Guglielmo is also a powerful warlock. He is capable of performing spells without some of the most important reagents to gain the desired effect. Guglielmo's only known limitation as of late is dependent on her emotional status and confidence in her abilities (though with a lack of proper magical control).

Guglielmo is the only known warlock shown so far to ever unite all of magic in a single spell, though the use of it over-exerted his. Along with her exceptional prowess as a witch, Guglielmo also possesses the more common witch abilities.

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