Guided serendipity

(Notes for mentors, tutors and groups)

Guided serendipity is one of the easiest way of learning!

That's why internet browsing works for a lot of people. "Why don't you have a look at . . . Yes, I think I will. Wow . . and now let's see . . click . . . Wow!" The only disadvantage is having to sit in front of a screen. But not for much longer - ever heard of audio-browsing? {Don't confuse with post-emo pop band Audio Learning Center}. Use the screen of your mobile cellphone or PDA for the menu and the odd graphics, map or videos but the bulk of your learning experience will be through your ears . . . even combine it with real travel. Yup, nothing that Alexander Humboldt couldn't have done in 1800 and that cultural tourism isn't doing for us today!

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