Guidelines for contributions and edits

  • When you edit someone else's story, or add a new line or two, do try to make your writing style suitable with that of the existing text. If you feel a major edit or revamp is in order, you should first propose such a change in the talk page. You should also inform others first before trying to remove anything!
  • Please stay to the original plot and theme. The project starter probably has given a summary of the intended themes, characters and storyline in the talk page; please respect it when making any contributions.

General contribution guidelines

  • When adding a new page; remember to add "[[category:My Story]]" to the top of the page, to make sure it is included in this mini-wiki.
  • If you're adding a lot of pages to a story, or starting a new story altogether, you might also want to read the new story readme.

More guidelines will be added if and when necessary; you can also propose new guidelines in the Talk:Guidelines page, or add guidelines yourself after popular demand.

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