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Ridleybear379 HR6/TR5| Male Hunter called Dale. He use's armour made from Black Fatalis and weilds a Smolder Dragonsword and an Akantor Bow. Aswell as the profusion bowgun, the Diablo Chaos Broker and several other mighty weapons. The Guildmaster and a Hero for defeating the Legndary Fatalis that terrorized the Schrade area for centurie's.

Ookamikazuchi HR6/TR5| Male Hunter called Ookami. He wears Tigrex (S) armour and carries a huge hammer called Diablo Chaos Broker, aswell as an Akantor Bow and a huge Greatsword called Seigmund. A master when it comes to Fatalis slaying.

Papsph HR 6/TR3| Male Hunter called Sentoryu_Raven. He wears armour wrapped in Khezu hide(S). He is a good hammer user and carries the Onslaught hammer and Sanctioned Gunhammer. Also the Warconga and sometimes he will draw his Akantor bow.

Harith_Hunter HR1/TR1| Male Hunter called Harith. He wears mail made from the Shogun Ceanataur he famously killed and he weilds a mighty Devil Slicer.

AznCookiez HR3/TR1 Male hunter called AznCookiez. His armour is made from Khezu and Daimyo materials. He weilds a Rampert lance and a bone Katana aswell as his mighty Ravager Blade(+).

MaiVel HR4/TR2| Male hunter called MaiVel. We wears armour that shines with Tigrex scales and he carries a Longsword to match. He also has a fearsome Black Blade, an Onslaught hammer and an Eager Cleaver.

inuyasha HR6/TR3| Male Hunter called inuyasha. He is a dark hunter that wears Deathstench S mail and hardly ever speaks. He is myserious and uses his True Devil Slicer with unbelievable skill. He is also well trained with his Prominance bow and his Gunchariot. He is strange... but reliable.

Jaws1234 HR1/TR1| Male Hunter called Jaws. The newest initiate to the Guild, he passed all the training with flying colours. He carrrie's a mencing Dark Scythe and An Atlas Hammer, aswell as his White Shotgun made from Giaprey. Although he wears simple prey and kut-ku armour, the guild see's great potential in the boy, and someday, his time will come to prove his worth to the Guild.