Guildford Grammar School is split into eight houses, each named after prominent figures or stages in the School's history.
Guildford Grammar School Houses
School House
St. George's House
  • House Colours: Red
  • Origins: The second house, named after St. George.
  • Boarding house.
Stirling House
Henn's House
  • House Colours: Green
  • Origins: The fourth house, Henn's House was named in 1924 after Canon Percy Henn, a headmaster at the School.
  • Boarding house.
Harper House
  • House Colours: Black and white
  • Origins: The fifth house, named after Charles Harper, founder of the School.
  • Day boy house.
Woodbridge House
  • House Colours: Purple and Yellow
  • Origins: The sixth house, named after the area in which Guildford Grammar School stands.
  • Day boy house.
Freeth House
  • House Colours: White and red
  • Origins: The seventh house, named after Rev. Freeth, a headmaster at the School.
  • Boarding house.
Bennett House
  • House Colours: Tan orange
  • Origins: The eighth and final house, named after F. Bennett, the first headmaster at the School.
  • Day boy house.

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