It turns out that Admiral Thorak's plan is to "blitzkrieg wave" the enemy by sending everything out and destroying as many ships as possible in one wave and then retreating to repair the ships. Zero thinks it might work but the fleet needs the right commander, and Zero happily volunteers.

Zero takes command of the most powerful fleet in the Empire, fleet Delta Sigma, and the Spitfire is at the head of the fleet. Zero sits in his captain's chair and receives instructions from Admiral Thorak to take the fleet through the Earth-Link and assault the first Skregg world he finds. Zero willingly obeys, and targets the world of Da'Farrak.

But just before they open fire, a large Skregg fleet arrives and immediately engages the Empiret ships. Zero orders everyone to battle stations...but it is too late. The Skregg overwhelms the Empire fleet and wipe out just about every ship.

Except Zero's.

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