James, Vanessa, Bryan and Shaina are outside in the backyard.

Jessica: [Whistling Waltzing Matilda]

James: "Ah, that cheerful chirpin' heralds the approach of Jessica's talent."

Vanessa: "Obviously, she always knows what she's doing."

Bryan: "Wow, Jessica, your skills of whistling are even better as always."

Jessica: "It's the nice warm air that seems to improve the tone."

Shaina: "You're real talented at it, you know."

Jessica: "I'm real talented at whistling? you think so?"

James: "Yeah, that's right, we think so."

Vanessa: "Well brought up, Jessica, I think you should do it more often."

Jessica: "Thanks, Vanessa, I was well brought up, and I sometimes whistle anyplace else."

Bryan: "Yeah, that's right, we just wanna here you do it."

and show up to see what's going on.

Ron: "Hey, kids, what's goin' on?"

Vanessa: "Jessica's showing us her whistling techniques."

Natalie: "Oh, really, Jessica? let's hear you do it."

Ron: "Go ahead."

Jessica: "Okay, I'll do it."

Jessica: [Whistling London Bridge]

Ron: "Great job, Jessica, great job."

James: "Do you know another 1?"