Plot Summary

Jessica comes down with a terrible head cold, and the other young kids must do something to make her feel so much better in a jiffy.


James: "What do you think we should look at now?"

Bryan: "How 'bout these picture books?"

Vanessa: "Great idea, Brian, let's look at them."

James, Shaina, Bryan, Vanessa and Jessica look at the picture books, but something unexpected happens.

Jessica: [Sneezes Lightly]

Shaina: "Bless you, Jessica."

Jessica: "Thanks, Shaina."

Ron: "Hey, I've heard somebody sneeze, is everybody alright?"

James: "Yes, Dad, me, Vanessa, Bryan and Shaina are alright."

Jessica: "I'm not feeling too [Sneezes A Bit] well."

Natalie: "You're feelin' hot, Jessica, we're gonna need to take your temperature in the livin' room."

Ron: "Now, Jessica, you keep your mouth closed over the thermometer."

Jessica: "Mmmm hmmm."

Shaina: "She has been sneezin' a lot this mornin'."

James, Bryan and Vanessa: "Yeah, of course."

Ron: "Hmm, Jessica, you've got a temperature of 102."

Shaina: "Mommy, will Jessica be alright?"

Natalie: "She will if she gets plenty of rest."

Bryan: "How's rest gonna help her get so much better, Mr. Ron?"

Ron: "Well, rest helps Jessica use her energy to battle her head cold, while her body makes white blood cells to fight off the germs."

Bryan, Shaina and Vanessa: "Germs?"

Natalie: "That's right, they're like little tiny insects."

James, Bryan, Shaina and Vanessa: "Insects? inside out?"

Shaina: "Yucko-rama!"

Vanessa: "Ew, gross!"

Ron: "It’s not as bad as it looks, the body’s natural defense mechanism can fight them off, if you rest and take good care of yourself

James: "Gee."

Bryan: "Oh."

Vanessa: "Boy, that's weird."

Shaina: "Gosh."

Natalie: "Now you 4 kids try to be respective and let Jessica get some rest, we'll check back in a little while.'

Jessica: "Don’t worry about it, you guys, my natural defense um….whatchamacallit? will take good care of everything."

Vanessa: "I don’t know, Jessica, but if there's plenty as you are, you could be in real big trouble."

Jessica: "I've never thought about that."

Jessica: [Sneezes Again]

James: "There's gotta be somethin' we can do to help make Jessica feel so much better."

Vanessa: "Well, yeah, James, but what can we do?"

Binyah-Binyah: "Oooh, I know, I know!"

Bryan: "Hurry, follow Binyah-Binyah."

James, Vanessa, Shaina and Bryan are now in the arts and crafts room.

James: "Binyah-Binyah, where are you?"

Bryan: "He disappeared."

Binyah-Binyah: "Card stock paper, lovely."

Vanessa: "That's perfect, Binyah-Binyah, this'll do great, come on, let's go to the dining room table."

Bryan: "You stay right here and take good care of Jessica while we make the get well card."

Shaina: "What do you think the get well card should say?"

James: "Hey, I have an idea, how 'bout Dear Jessica, we understand you're not feelin' very well, but we hope you get better soon, love from James, Bryan, Vanessa and Shaina."

Vanessa: "That's a great idea, James, let's put that message in the get well card."

The 4 young kids begin making the get well card, and get it complete.

Meanwhile, back with Binyah-Binyah giving Jessica chicken noodle soup and Sunny Delight........

Jessica: [Moaning And Groaning A Bit]

Binyah-Binyah: "Feel relaxed."

James, Bryan, Vanessa and Shaina appear in the living room with a big surprise they made by themselves.


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