James, Bryan, Vanessa and Shaina are sitting around, relaxing and having a good summer vacation of their entire lives, 'til Jessica shows up in her new swimsuit.

Jessica: "Hey, you guys."

James, Bryan, Vanessa and Shaina: "Hey, Jessica."

Jessica: "You guys like my new swimsuit?"

James: "Of course we do, Jessica."

Vanessa: "It looks very beautiful, Jessica, but I can see your beautifully adorable bellybutton peeking out."

Jessica: "Of course you can see my beautifully adorable bellybutton peeking out, Vanessa, but I'm also wearing this at the swimming pool party this afternoon."

Bryan: "Alright, good luck, we'll see you at the swimming pool party at 12 PM."

Later, at the swimming pool party, Vanessa and Shaina are sitting right with Jessica at the picnic table.

Vanessa: "Hey, Jessica, can you stay right here so I can sneak my pointer finger at your beautifully adorable bellybutton and poke lightly at it, please?"

Jessica: "Why sure, Vanessa, go ahead."

Vanessa sneaks her right pointer finger at Jessica's beautifully adorable bellybutton and pokes lightly at it.

Jessica: [Giggles In Delight]