In Long Time Ago In Far Away. Gumball And His Family. To Five For Family. Who Will Never Find That Clue. When Darwin Finds Go Everything. Gumball Using We're To Get Back Darwin. He Use A Map To Find Him When They Grows Up. Gumball Just So Was In The Neighbor On The Crystal Mountain. Gumball Can't Find Anywhere When He So Must Very Inportment. Then He Import Was Tried And Trouble Was An Idea Fallin This Ways. Teri Dosen't To Do Everything. Tuna Can't Roar Or Not. Tobas Can't Use Anything Anymore. Penny Need An Idea. He's Was The Middle Waves Does So Come Incase. Cray Boy Dosen't Use Five Or Ten When Does Mark It Of Doen't So Payful. Gumball Wake Up And Scared The Giant Cave When They Don't Get It. Everybody Scared The Giant Mountain Or Someone Else. And They Can't Use That So Pust. They Use At Night Doesn't So Harder Weird In Stuff And They So Awake To Save The Day. Gumball Found Darwin And Happy Get Smarter When He Save Him Back Home. To Someday Everything Happy Is Proud From That Okay Was Happy Ending.

Mixtures: 90% Miles

Rating Screen: G

Company: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

Store Localtions:, Walmart, Target, Future Shop, Best Buy

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