Gumby: The Movie is a 1995 claymation theatrical feature film, based on the television series The Gumby Show.


Our story opens as The Giant Clay Monolith in outer space divides in two and speeds toward Earth...

While looking for Gumby, Pokey annoys everyone at the fire station and gets into an accident involving Goo, Prickle, and a giant slide, squishing them all together into a ball of clay. After nipping out for some emergency deconfusion surgery, we are introduced to Gumby. Seems he's been interfering with ceremonial dances to find inspiration for his upcoming concert. Fatbuckle and Thinbuckle pick them up and take them back to the farm/studio.

On the way back to the farm, they find several farmers passed out in the middle of the road. It seems the Blockheads are going to close down their farms if they don't repay their loans. Gumby and his friends give them a stern talking-to about borrowing money and eventually decide to have charity concerts to benefit the people stupid enough to do business with the Blockheads. During rehearsal, Pokey is briefly jealous of how much time Gumby's spending with his new band and Goo discovers a pearl next to Lowbelly.

We are now taken to Gumby's first benefit concert called "Rockin' Arc Park" at a bandstand in the park, where the music messes with Professor Kapp's head and makes Lowbelly cry a big pile of pearls. Goo, Prickle, and Kapp aggressively ignore this, but it doesn't escape the attention of the nearby Blockheads, who steal the pearls and surmise that the dog cries pearls when he hears the music.

Gumby and his friends celebrate the concert's success at a little fast food restaurant, where Prickle gets dozens of shakes spilled on him and Gumby makes a deal with Lucky Claybert to go on TV. Meanwhile, the Blockheads have swapped Lowbelly with a robot in hopes of using their recording of the concert to make her cry pearls. Unfortunately, it doesn't work unless it's a live performance. Glad to see they got the scientific details right.

Two Gumby Groupies, Tara and Ginger, stalk Gumby and his friends back to the farm/studio and don't play any role whatsoever as Lucky arrives and hammers out a contract with Gumby in his stack of hay/office. Shortly thereafter, the Blockheads, cleverly disguised as people from the TV studio, pick up The Clayboys and their instruments (except Gumby for some reason) and make them ride in the back of a refridgerated truck. Tara and Ginger, decide to follow the truck. But wait! That's not the TV studio! It's the Blockheads' evil lair, and they're making clones of the frozen-stiff Clayboys! The real Clayboys are locked up and one of the robot clones is programmed to capture Gumby!

Back at Gumby's farm, robot Lowbelly is playing in some manure, much to the confusion of the others. Gumby is rather quietly kidnapped while the others try to give the dog a bath. When the dog shoots sparks and melts into a metal endoskeleton, they realize something isn't quite right. Gumby is cloned and locked up, just like the others. With their full collection, the Blockheads make the robot Clayboys perform, but Lowbelly still won't cry pearls.

Tara and Ginger escape, just as the Blockheads program the Gumby droid to kidnap Pokey, Prickle, and Goo. The girls arrive just in time to save Gumby's friends. The 'bot is disabled, and everyone, along with Lucky, goes to find the lost Clayboys. They horribly defeat the Blockheads, rescue Lowbelly, and begin thawing the Clayboys. Unfortunately, Fatbuckle, Thinbuckle, and Nobuckle melt and have to be taken over to Professor Kapp's and they use sound waves to unmelt the band.

The Blockheads escape their not-so-restrictive bonds and have the Gumby robot capture Goo. Prickle saw the whole thing and tells Gumby about it. Gumby decides the time has come to confront his evil alter ego. They have a merry chase through the video cassettes (yes, he can walk through those too). There's a remarkably inaccurate Knights of the Round Table movie, where Gumby fails to pull Excalibur from the stone and his evil counterpart succeeds. A swordfight ensues, while some very apathetic heroes watch on. Gumby is cut in half, but he takes it right in stride and escapes to Battle of the Nebulae (Star Wars, anyone?), his evil double in hot pursuit. There's a light sabre duel where Gumby is sliced into chunks, but he escapes yet again. Fortunately, Gumby finally gets a clue, and he has his dad (the fireman) spray it with water to short out its circuits and make it melt really cool. The Blockheads' other robots meet a similar fate. The Blockheads are captured a little more securely this time and Goo is rescued.

All this heroism and Gumby's still in time for his TV appearance. There's an extended music video ("Take Me Away"), a picnic, and finally, Gumby and Pokey return to their home planet.

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