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The newest Style to hit GunZ has just been realeased!

The person responsibly for creating this new style is a guy named KuchikuRaika.

He took techniques from each style and merged them together, thus creating the Dragon Style.

Dragon Dash (DASH -> DASH -> DASH) This is like the Super Dash except, not in the air. This is a random move but quite usefull to use to get out of a tricky situation, just rapidly hit dash and if your lucky the animation should go from : Dash - Stand (Which is then cut out) - Dash. Its also used in conjuction with the camera to make it look like your dashing diagonally when your actually dashing straight.

Dragon Dance (JUMP -> SLASH -> DASH (To Left) -> JUMP -> SLASH -> DASH (To Right) A tricky move, but if your quick with the keyboard its usefull. You have to get it right otherwise it wont work. You have to do this technique fastly, so practice well and get the hang of it.


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