Guo Cong
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Affiliation Eastern Jin Dynasty

Guo Cong was a Crown Prince, and later emperor of Jin.

He was one of the sons of Guo Xong. He was ditatched from his family, and spent his time studying.

However, after his fathers death, he got caught up in the War of the 5 Princes. He was pressured into marrying his half-brothers mother, Lady Ming, who manipulated him to become Empress.

Under his wife's influence, he showed Regent Jiang Qi false birth records, detailing him as Emperor. His brother was killed and he was set up on the throne.

Around this point, Lady Ming and him concieved a child, probably so she was garunteed the title Empress Dowager, should Cong die early.

And that he did. He was assasinated by his brothers, Guo Ai and Guo Lang.

Before: Guo Hai Emperor of Eastern Jin Dynasty After: Guo Shao

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