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Guo Fang
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Affiliation Eastern Jin Dynasty

Guo Fang was the second son of Guo Rui and brother of Guo Shuang. He was one year younger than his sibling.

Upon Guo Rui's death, he was exiled by his brother, and sent to the Bian Province. However, after his brother tried to destroy the Jin Dynasty, many of his follwers joined Fang. Fang then created the Eastern Jin Dynasty, directly opposed to Guo Shuang.

Shuang was eventually assasinated. Fang tried to merge the dyansties back together, but Guo Yi kept the war going. He did not see the war end.

Before: Guo Rui as Emperor of the Jin Dynasty Emperor of Eastern Jin Dynasty After: Guo Xong

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