Guo Pi
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Affiliation Eastern Jin Dynasty

Guo Pi was the last Emperor of Jin.

He was born to Guo Shao and became a crown prince. After his father's death, he began his reign. However, his grandmother and Grand Empress Dowager, Lady Ming, controlled the empire.

He, like his father before him, became weary of her. He eventually poisoned her, during a formal dinner.

Shortly after, steppe raiders from the north devastated the Jin territory, pludering it. Also, serveral other dynasties, tired of Jin rose up, predominatley the Chu Dynasty. Pi tried in vain to stop the turmoil. He eventually began an exodus south, to Jiang De. However, he fell ill and died. With no sons, Regent Jiang Ang proclaimed himself Emperor of the Qin Dynasty.

Before: Guo Shao Emperor of Eastern Jin Dynasty After: Dynasty Dissolved

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