Guo Rui
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Affiliation Jin Dynasty

Guo Rui was the Second Emperor of the Jin Dynasty.


Guo Rui was born to Guo Shi and Lady Fu. However after his parent's death's, he became the Emperor at Eight years old. He was forced to rely on Chief Advisor, Huan Zhin. However, Huan began to manipulate the throne, repeatedly using his power to go behind Rui's back.

Even when Guo Rui turned 16, Huan did not stop. He eventually tried to rape Guo's wife. He was summiraly executed.

Guo then appointed Jiang Jin as Regent, and began to re-organise his government.

However, soon the Whu Dynasty began to probe Jin's borders. Guo Rui tasked General Du Yuo and Strategist Li En with the Invasion of Whu.

The campaign dragged on for a number of years, during which time, Guo fell ill. He didn't recover to see the Whu invasion sucsessful.

Before: Guo Shi Emperor of the Jin Dynasty After: Guo Shuang

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