Guo Shuang
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Affiliation Western Jin Dynasty, Jin Dynasty

Guo Shuang was the Third Emperor of the Jin Dynasty.

He was born mentally disabled, and became emperor at 16 after his father's death. He immediently tried to demolish the government and recalled his offciers from the Whu Invasion. His ministers became worried, a few defecting to Shuang's younger brother, Guo Fang. However, a number of officers and vassal's remained loyal to the true emperor.

Guo Fang then officialy seceeded, and formed the Eastern Jin Dynasty, making Guo Shuang's faction the Western Jin Dynasty. The two Dynasties continually clashed. However, Guo Shuang was entirely dependant on his ministers, and was manipulated.

He was eventually assassinated and his son Guo Yi became Emperor.

Before: Guo Rui Emperor of the Jin Dynasty After: Guo Yi (As Emperor of the Western Jin Dynasty)

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