Guren MK I.


Special Gear made for Close Combat.

Gear model manufactured by the Commerce Guild and built by a group located in Adumar, the Guren MK I features a different take on Gear development, resulting in obvious differences in design and appearance with its Human counterparts. the Guren is on par with a seventh generation Gears, a fact that is a source of pride for its manufacturers. Although equipped with devastating weaponry, the Guren MK I is however considered a defensive unit lacking ranged weapons. Shortly after its delivery to Adumar, the only existing units is given to the 44th Army. the Emperor entrusted these one-of-a-kind units to the 44th as a standerd combat unit. The Guren features a helm-like outgrowth surrounding the retractable head as well as a silver, large, clawed right hand that houses a radiation wave emitter in its palm. When in close combat, the Guren is able to grab nearby enemies by extending its collapsible arm and disable them by unleashing short bursts of high-energy of what would be considered, a large version of an EMP weapon but deadly. This devastating weapon can overload an enemy Gear with microwave-like energy and destroy it by literally frying its components. Contrarily to other Gear cockpits, the Guren features an unconventional pilot seat, shaped in the form of a motorbike seat. Its other weapons include a handheld blade as well as a short-barreled cannon embedded in its left forearm.

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