GuycentiPod second episode of Season 1 of GoAnimate!'s The Friendly Series. Aired in September 13, 1994.


Eric thinks he has an iPod like everyone else. But BJ arrives and tells Eric that Schemer says hecdoesn't have an iPod and is faking it". Eric is furious and Barney and his friends make fun of him and he leaves, telling mom to get an iPod at Best Buy. And they arrive at Best Buy. So Eric wants a more memorial version of an iPod, but his mom can't afford it, saying it costs 900 dollars, and tries to let him have the Acer HandiBook instead, but Eric continues yelling at his mom. Soon, she takes him home and he isn't getting anything, so he is grounded for 1 day.

Meanwhile at Burger King, Brian is having a medium fry, a box of chicken tenders and a small coke, when Officer Zack bursts in and chases him out of Burger King. When they get into the Eye-on-Video store, Brian hides in the Kids VHS area, then Zack grabs him and puts him in jail. Then his dad finds out and grounds him for 2 weeks till he is out of Jail

Meanwhile, Mark is bullying Carlos by throwing a book at him. So, Principal Simon finds out and suspends Mark for bullying Carlos, and Mark is grounded by his parents.

Meanwhile, Scott is walking on his way to the bus, but he trips on a big rock and falls down the stairs, breaking his left leg. So an ambulance takes him to the hospital. And Barney and BJ go glare him there.

Meanwhile Barney shows his friends the clip of what Eric has done at Best Buy, by misbehaving at Best Buy. And Baby Bop laughs at Eric's behavior. And BJ agrees with Baby Bop.

Later the next day, Eric goes to Best Buy, Eric is given an iPod, and is forced to play with it, till BJ takes it from him, and Eric's wish was dashed, and he is furious at God, before e finishes the sentence: "The next time you decide to blow me!", God strikes Eric, and at the end, Eric is on a hospital, wrapped in a cast, and he is crying, while his mom is reading a book.


  • Barney the Purple Dinosaur (Voiced by Bob West/Alan and Preformed by David Joyner)
  • Baby Bop the Green Dinosaur (Voiced by Julie Johnson/Ivy and Preformed by Jeff Ayers)
  • BJ (Voiced by Patty Wirtz/Kimberly and Preformed by Jeff Brooks)
  • Carlos (Voiced/Played by Kimberly/Corey Lopez)
  • Mark (Voiced by Brian)
  • Eric (Voiced by himself)
  • Brian (Voiced by himself)
  • Eric and Brian's Mom (Voiced by Kimberly)
  • Eric and Brian's Dad (Voiced by Diesel)
  • Mark's Dad (Voiced by Alan)
  • Mark's Mom (Voiced by Kate)
  • Scott (Voiced/Played by Eric/Kirk Cameron)


  • Barney has his Season 3 voice and Late 1993/1994-1997 costume.
  • Baby Bop has her Season 3 voice and 1995 costume.
  • BJ has his Season 3 voice and 1995 costume.
  • The Barney costume from "Barney's Sense-Sational Day" is used.
  • The Season 3 Barney & Friends Musical Arrangement from "Are We There Yet?" is used.
  • When Carlos screams as Mark throws a book at him, his scream is the same as Arthur's scream from "Arthur's Lost Library Book" (when Arthur runs away from the hand-like monster), except it was mixed with Carlos' Late 1994/1995-1998 voice.
  • When Scott yells "WHOA!",


  • Eric: Isn't it great having an iPod, you guys? (Steven passes by) Hey Steven, where is your iPod? You aren't cool enough! Haha! (Simon passes by as well) Simon did you have one too? No, you are such a loser! Isn't it great having an iPod like you guys?
  • Barney: It sure is.
  • (BJ arrives)
  • Eric: Hey BJ!
  • BJ: Kevin says you don't have an iPod.
  • Eric: What?
  • BJ: Kevin says you glued a piece to the iPod cover and you're faking it!
  • Eric: Kevin is so pointless!
  • Barney: Let me see your iPod Eric!
  • Eric: Wait Barney, wait!
  • Barney: BJ is right!
  • Eric: Stop laughing at me you fools! (leaves the bus)
  • (Eric arrives at home, still angry)
  • Eric: Mom you cheated me once again! You said you can get an iPod, but not at all I hate you!
  • Eric and Brian's Mom: Eric don't misbehave!
  • (cut to their car driving out of the house. Then it fades to it arriving at Besf Buy)
  • Eric: Oh boy! A more memorial iPod! This one, this one!
  • Eric and Brian's Mom: Eric, 900 dollars?
  • Eric: I can't wait to see the look of Brian's face when he sees that my iPod is more memorial than his.
  • Eric and Brian's Mom: Sweetie, we cannot afford it.
  • Eric: Well, you don't expect me to get this do you?
  • Eric and Brian's Mom: I think we can get you a different brand; they're a lot expensive.
  • Eric: No, I want this! Besides, everyone knows that Apple isn't stupid at all.
  • Eric and Brian's Mom: Here, the Acer Handy Book!
  • Eric: Acer Handy Book?
  • Eric and Brian's Mom: This says that it has everything an iPod does and haft the price.
  • Eric: Mom, don't get me that thing; if I take it to school tommorow, everyone will think I am a cheapskate!
  • Eric and Brian's Mom: Eric John Falcon, stop yelling at me! You can either have the Acer Handy Book or you can have nothing at all!
  • Eric: (yelling) I TOLD YOU NOT TO CHEAT ME AGAIN!
  • Eric and Brian's Mom: Stop, people are looking at us.
  • Eric: That's it! You have to make out with me! (people are looking) Do it right now! Donit now! DO IT RIGHT NOW!!
  • (cut to Eric and his mom in the car)
  • Eric: But I said I was sorry!
  • Eric and Brian's Mom: Sorries won't work!
  • Eric: Just tell me what I did was wrong.
  • Eric and Brian's Mom: What you did as wrong is that you later on the floor in there!
  • Eric: But I doesn't have any local sense, mom, because I am punished by not getting the iPaf.
  • Eric and Brian's Mom: I don't care!
  • Eric: Can I at least go back to get the Acer Handy Book?
  • Eric and Brian's Mom: NO! You are grounded Mister! Go to your room when we get home!
  • Eric: May you pull up here at Wendy's? Because I am hungry.
  • (cut to Brian at Burger King)
  • Brian: Wow, thanks for my box of chicken tenders, fried and my diet soda. (sees Officer Zack) What the?! AAAH! it's Officer Zack! He's gonna arrest me!
  • Officer Zack: That's right!
  • (Brian runs out of Burger King, screaming)
  • (Brian gets into Eye-on-Video Video and hides in the kids video section)
  • Brian: I think I will be safe in here! (sees Zack again) AAH!
  • Officer Zack: You are going to Jail!
  • (cut to Officer Zack throwing the screaming Brian in Jail)
  • Officer Zack: Stay there!
  • Brian: I cannot believe I am in Jail! (sees his dad)
  • Eric and Brian's Dad: Brian Iassic Falcon, how dare you get put in Jail! That's it, you are grounded for 2 weeks, till you are out of Jail!

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