Scorpion Form: [1] Toa Form: [2]

Gwindorn Type: Rahi/Toa Gender: Male Guild: BOA Navy (Bloodscourge)

Powers: Two kanoka launchers with the powers of earth and air. Has control over the powers of Air and Earth. Can transform from his Rahi mode to a giant Toa. His powers stay the same. Wears an Imitation Mask of Shadows but it really has control over telekenesis. When he is in Rahi mode knocking his legs out from under him will defeat him. In Toa mode, his kanohi is his weakness.

History: Gwindorn is what happens when two Toa are hit by Sidorak at the same time. It merged them together and made them able to switch between being a Rahi and a giant Toa. His rahi form is a scorpion with twin tails which are kanoka launchers.

Moves: Earth Upheaval: He hits the ground causing a tornado to form in a bubble below the ground and then the ground explodes.

Air blast: In his toa mode, he fires a blast of air from his torso hitting anything in the path of the blast.

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