Bourgeois dæmons

The most common race of the homo sapien mutatius, the Gwynedd Mutation or bourgeois dæmon is found in most populations around the world. The one notable exception is the peoples of South-East Asia. The bourgeois dæmon is a fully sentient mutation of homo sapien sapiens and is considered by many scientists to be the “next step in human evolution.”


The bourgeois dæmon is generally human formed though there are notable difference in physiology. These differences include:

  • the presence of a thick prehensile tail, projecting from above the gluetal cleft, that serves to better balance the bourgeois dæmon and can act as an erogenous appendage
  • mutations of the ear including protracted perambulant auricles and larger tympanic membranes, that increase auditory perception
  • increased activity in the cerebellum, leading to extraordinary cognitive ability, finer sensory processing and innately long attention spans
  • the growth of ram-like horns that curl around the ears. Horn growth occurs in only one in three bourgeois dæmons, and it is thought that this is a further mutation on top of the base level.
  • an increased libido and the ability for both males and females to experience a series of intense orgasms in quick succession for long periods of time, and;
  • the proportions of the facial features of the bourgeois dæmon with are always defined by the golden ratio, phi (1:1.618), rendering them innately beautiful.

The most obvious and publicly recognised features are, of course, the tail, anomalous formed ears and horns.


Bourgeois dæmon tails defuse and expand the coccyx to a series of five or six vertebrae wrapped in a series of striated muscles that allow full prehensile movement of the tail. A stratum of fat gives the tail a smooth tapered look and all in all the tail of a fully grown bourgeois dæmon will be around the length of their inner leg and between four and six centimetres in diameter. The tail of a bourgeois dæmon is as secondary sexual characteristic. Throughout childhood bourgeois dæmon youth will present a calcified caudal appendage of now more than a few centimetres long around the base of their spines. Full tails do not start to develop until around eight or nine years of age and do not complete their growth until around twenty years of age.

Mutations of the Ear

Characteristic of bourgeois dæmons is the long, pointed, tubular auricle that protrudes from the side of the head. However, the bourgeois dæmon ear differs from that of the human in a number of other ways. The muscle along the back of the pinna is much more developed in the bourgeois dæmon giving them at least some control of the direction of their ears. Furthermore the tympanic membrane (eardrum) has a larger surface area and is therefore more sensitive to quieter sounds.

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