tomarmstrong14's Picture Spoof of Horton Hears a Who


  • Narrator: Jeff Stevenson
  • Horton (Voiced by Sue Sheridan): Gypsy Esmeralda
  • Jane Kangaroo (Voiced by Jack May): Wile E Coyote
  • Wickersham Brothers (Voiced by Terry Jones, Victor Spinetti): Jordan Rooke, Aaron Rookes and Jacob Rooke
  • Doctor Hoovy (Voiced by Terry Jones): Doctor Facilier
  • and Others


  • Jeff Stevenson as the 3 Wickersham Brothers, the Character Voices
  • Terry Jones as Wickersham Brother One, the Character Voices


  • Wickersham Brother: The Page Cavanaugh Trio
  • Sung: Jeff Stevenson

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