Group Information
Group Theme: ONI
Founder: stosh
Location: Seattle, Washington 98121 United States
Motto: We are somewhat evil
Members: 25
Founded On: 04/19/2004
Linked Clans AngryPeasants, 7th Column,
Project S O L
Group Page: [1]


Super secret hideout for forum moderators. Don't even try to join. You will be smited.

The Most Popular thread

All chapters on display the most popular thread's title on that private forum's homepage. The most popular thread in HFCS is constantly changing, but they have always started by by GameJunkieJim. They range form naked pictures of stosh to detailed descriptions of guns used to execute rule violaters.

A lot of speculation has come from these often cryptic most popular threads. Being that HFCS is a secret group containing members who are well known in the Bungie community, there are a lot of stalkers who frequent the home page, looking for clues. The only possible source of information that could provide some insight is the most popular thread, so it garners a lot of attention.


The End of Groups is Nigh!

Groups Apocalypse

According to the Most Popular Thread Feature, it is now know that The HFCS is the only group to be kept over the website change. This is believed to be a hoax created by the Moderators.


Little is known about this as only Moderators are allowed into the group.

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